Meet the Candidates for Eastlake’s Mayor and Council-at-Large

LFC Comments: We attended the Eastlake Meet the Candidates night held at the Eastlake City Hall on September 29, 2021. We recorded each speaker so that those that could not attend would have a chance to see and hear the candidates. Citizens had a chance to speak directly to the candidates after the speeches.

The following videos are the individuals that are running for Mayor and the Council-at-Large position. The videos for candidates running for Willoughby-Eastlake school board will be shown on another post.

Here is a link to Mayor Dennis Morley’s presentation:

Mayor Dennis Morley is running unopposed for Mayor of Eastlake.
Todd Gulley is running for Council-at-Large.
Community leader Chris A. Krajnak is running for Council-at-Large
Logan Shreves is running for Council-at-Large
Angela Schmidt is running for Council-at-Large
Michael Semick is running for Council-at-Large

Candidates for school board will be published soon in another article.


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