The not so “Trusted News Initiative” hates free speech.

Written by: Mary Pruitt / October 1, 2021

Youtube takes down more great people off their platforms. (1)

I seriously do not understand why any freedom loving person would place their intellectual properties on platforms that crush free speech.

Just say no! Get up and go! Don’t let those soul crushing apps disrespect your flow! Lol… ok so I am not a song writer… lol….but seriously folks.

Just flipping walk away from censorship driven apps. MYSPACE THEM ALREADY!!! Stop supporting the enemies of freedom!!

The Biden regime’s Mafia state sponsored media aka “The Trusted News Initiative” (2) are down and dirty with their gross, manipulative, conspiratorial, anti 1A, anti-free speech, censorship tactics. Why anyone listens to them, uses their apps, or considers them a trusted source is beyond all rationale and reason. Brainwashed, and/or lacking the ability to think for themselves, is the only deduction I can come up with.

In truth,

Mary Pruitt



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