Ohio Republican Leadership Collusion With Donors

Open Letter to all Republicans in the Ohio Legislature and All Liberty minded  Citizens In Ohio

Written by: Tom Niewulis of Geauga County / October 6, 2021

This past week was the witnessing of the Ohio Republican Leadership apparently acting in full collusion with their donor class to obviate the Rights of Ohioans. House Bill 435 was drafted with language that favored the donors of the Key sponsors of the legislation. HB 435 was rammed through committee with no real hearings. Like all that is happening in Columbus around the present debacle of mandates, the voice of the people in respect to this bill was silenced. 

No different than the observed actions of Governor DeWine during the whole ChiComFlu debacle, the appearance is that the Republican Leadership heavily favors the Governors ideologies to take away the Ohio Constitution Article I Rights of the People and give all the power to corporatist 1 entities.

In tyrannical fashion, the Ohio Republican Leadership was giving full immunity to businesses, educational institutions and medical corporations in regard to the authoritarian subjugation of the forced mandates regarding vaccines, masks and violations of choice in health care. This immunity and power falls fully in the definition of corporatism defined in the footnote.

Oh ye Citizens, remember Article I Section 21 of the Ohio Constitution. The Republican Leadership is bent on taking away the Constitutional Rights of the Citizens and making others your masters. If you question my understanding of the proposed bills I am bringing before you, Yes, I did a comprehensive analysis on HB 435 and the competing Citizens Rights Bill (Substitute Bill HB248) that the Leadership stalled.

In this short article I am giving some full disclosure information on just a couple of the so called leaders that pushed HB 435 to the floor without any public input. This activity is as egregious or worse than the debacle of the nuclear power bailout. 

These Ohio Republican Leaders: House Speaker Cupp and Rep. Bill Seitz appear to be owned by Education Lobbies, Health Care Lobbies and Large Corporatist2 Lobbies. In this fashion, they are no different than Governor DeWine, who is also beholden to the O’biden Administration for all the ChicomFlu monies he has been accepting from the Federal Government at the expense of your Great, Great Grandchildren. 

Additionally, ask yourself as well as your elected Representatives if creating a vax lottery is Constitutional in Ohio? Hmm, maybe it even violates the Ohio Revised Code but… there are no watchmen on the wall to call out a despot.

OK, Look at these numbers for Cupp and Seitz from https://www.transparencyusa.org/oh : and you may want to investigate for yourself Governor DeWine’s funding…. Then look at ‘Who’ are the  common funders between DeWine and the Republican Leadership?

1 Corporatist is derived from Corporatism – ‘A concept of a political economic system in which economic decisions are  achieved through negotiation between centralized corporate bodies representing interest groups. In particular, under  corporatism wages are determined through collective negotiations between the representatives of employers and  workers. An example of a corporatist system is the New Deal in the US in 1933–45. The idea of corporatism as  collectivism and social justice without elimination of private property was formulated as an alternative to socialism.’  Oxford Reference. ; Accessed 5 Oct. 2021. 

2 Article “The Economic System of Corporatism”, San Jose State University, Department of Economics,  https://www.sjsu.edu/faculty/watkins/corporatism.htm

Speaker Bob Cupp received:

$51.7k from Political Education Patterns

$47.7k from Ohio Education Association

$25k from Nationwide Insurance

$16.5k from Friends of Ohio Hospitals

$10.5k from Dominion Energy

$7.5k from Cardinal Health

$6.5k Ohio Certified Registerd Nurse

$6.5k UnitedHealth Group

$5.8k Ohio State Medical Association

Bill Seitz received:

$43.8k from Ohio Education Association

$16k from Ohio Health Care Association

$8.2k from Ohio State Medical Association

$8k from Nationwide Insurance

$5.5k from Friends of Ohio Hospitals

Is it any wonder why Critical Race Theory is getting into our schools and mandatory vaccination may become the law in Ohio with the huge dollars going into these campaign coffers. Yet if you act as an informed Citizen, one who knows their Ohio Constitution Article I, then the corporatist, education oligarchs as well as the medical and health oligarchs can be defeated.

When it comes to securing our Constitutional Rights, especially those in Article I of the Ohio Constitution

(https://samueladamsreturns.net/wp-content/uploads/2021/09/OH_Bill_Of_Rights.pdf), we need to challenge our State Representative and Senators to understand that they work for us! It is absolutely clear in Article I, Sections 1 and 2 that We the People of Ohio ultimately are the rulers of the state and the elected and bureaucrats work for us.

There is no time to waste in respect to keeping your God given Liberties of self-governance and especially health care decisions. You have two options to act on immediately. I am going to share my order of preference but you decide for yourselves.

My first preference is Substitute HB 248 over the original introduced HB 248 introduced by Rep. Gross. I like the strong directives in Sub HB 248 that put the corporatist, education oligarchs, as well as the medical and health oligarchs, in their place as entities providing services or business activities – NOT being the governing bodies over the Citizenry. 

Now here is the laundry list of entities that have come against you:

(https://samueladamsreturns.net/wp-content/uploads/2021/10/funding_insanity_of_HB435.pdf) , 

The Free Citizens of Ohio, these entities want to enslave you in every aspect of a feudal system as in  the 17th and 18 Centuries. This list restates the financing of the two previously mentioned  Representatives and a long list of those entities.

Our second very good option is recently introduced House Bill 411 by Rep. Grendell and Rep. Click. Although this bill is soft-spoken in tone it secures the Liberties of the Citizenry. This bill will take time to work through the process and be assured that the Republican Leadership will likely hate it as much as HB 248.

In the long run, I can support both Substitute HB 248 or HB 411. We have to force our elected to act in the full Constitutional interests of We The People. We do not have time to allow the corporatist lobby, the health care lobby or the education lobby to enslave us in their agendas and anti-American ideologies.

You are more powerful than any of the entities in the list. Your are A Free Citizenry. Know your Constitutional Rights in Ohio and hold your elected, at all levels accountable.

To remain a Free Citizenry you must act as one who understands your Liberties. Go Therefore and Be Free.

Tom Niewulis


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