Wake up call for Lake County Republicans

LFC Comments by Brian Massie, average citizen:

A Concord Township lobbyist sent us the following statistics comparing the number of registered Lake County voters by party for the years 2014 versus 2021. The numbers do not lie. The local Republican Party must sit up and take notice that the voters see through the lies, deceptions and betrayals. Although the Party achieved success in 2020, in my opinion, many of the current elected County officials rode the coattails of former President Trump. It is also very obvious that we see the “Never Trumpers” now backpedaling as fast as they can so they can seem relevant to the voters.

To the dismay of many of my friends and fellow patriots, I will become an independent voter in November. As I continue to “pull back the curtain” on events and people in position of power in Lake County, I have become disillusioned that those that I trusted, and tried my best to defend have become nothing more than a “Judas”.


Lake County Voter Statistics

Written by: Concord Township Lobbyist / October 5, 2021

I read your post on Dave Joyce.  Interesting but not unexpected.

I found the voter demographics to be of interest. 

Here is what has happened to the voter demographics since 2014.

I’d say that the Republican party leadership has done a great job of getting rid of Republican voters.  After all, why bother to vote in the primaries when the party leaders in their infinite wisdom have already decided who the party candidate should be without having held the primary election.  They just like to have one candidate per office…a candidate of their own choosing.


LFC Comments: This is what happens when you have a written Party platform that is nothing more than words on page. Many of the party faithful do not believe in, or have even read the Party platform. Having principles and acting on them seem to be a fleeting Utopian ideal in today’s world. The phrase “You shall reap what you have sown” seems appropriate.

In seven years, there has been a 49.5% swing in the registered voters by party. The Republicans has gone down by 34.5% (9,932 / 28,784) while the Democrats have increased by 15.0% (2,721 / 18,126).

One final item: It is interesting to me why 75% of the people have to pay the primary election costs for the remaining 25%. I believe that the political parties should be treated like the political sub-divisions that pay to place a property tax levy on the ballot.


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