Senate Candidate J.D. Vance and his lies and deceptions on the Bible and politics

LFC Comments by Brian Massie: We did a little research on Mr. Vance and found this interesting article.

It is amazing how a politician can change their minds to appear to be so very conservative. Then they dupe the voters, and their true stripes show as the meld with the establishment to the detriment of the average citizens.

We are done voting for candidates that lie, deceive and betray the voters.

J.D. Vance needs to go back to his southern Ohio roots, and perhaps write another book on how to deceive the unsuspecting. It could be another best-seller.


Op-Ed by Pastor Dan Wolvin, Awake America Ohio / October 3, 2021

“Answer a fool according to his folly, lest he be wise in his own conceit.” Proverbs 25:5

I suppose that may be as good a descriptor of the secular Left as may be found in Scripture: “a fool in his folly.” I have started my fortieth year in the Gospel ministry, all in my beloved Buckeye State, and in my attempt to exalt the Truth, I have been forced also to battle the lies of fools.

The secular Left has been at war with Bible believers for centuries; this is not news. They have established institutions of higher education, entertainment and media outlets as the strongholds of their biases without any attempt to disguise it. The veil of the “unbiased reporter” has been lifted to reveal many dishonest comrades merely rubber-stamping articles of propaganda. Mainstream media reserves jobs for those of the secular Left with more ardor than your grandma’s friends hold their place in line for the potluck dinner after church. This is one of the concerns I have as to the background of Republican Senate candidate J. D. Vance and his media establishment.

The lies include, but are not limited to, “The Bible has never mixed faith and politics,” “Addressing political issues from the pulpit is a new phenomenon,” and “You can’t legislate morality.” Honest people see through these lies, so the folly increases as the fools begin to hurl insults like, “Every pulpit which addresses contemporary issues is lacking in Christian grace.” This brazen fallacy is intended to sting, and it does; but venom does not equal validity.

This philosophical Great Divide is over the Bible. Christian conservatives find opposition and scorn from the secular Left because they are…well, secular. The objections oft-quipped by parrots from their perches of self-esteem echo throughout a chasm of dishonesty. “You are trying to impose a theocracy,” (we are not.) “Your religious agenda is one of intolerance,” (it is not.) “You discriminate against people because they are different,” (we do not.) We believe we have a moral obligation to address all the needs of all people through the wisdom of God’s Word, which then compels us to do something about that need.

Swirling about in this political atmosphere of lies and folly are the various articles penned by J. D. Vance. His opinion on Christian activism is not consistent with a truly Biblical approach, “A Christianity constantly looking for political answers to moral and spiritual problems gives believers an excuse to blame other people when they should be looking in the mirror.” Bible-believing Christians make the attempt to infuse every area of life with scriptural values; and while we sometimes fail, those very ideals are lofty, noble and add great value to any society which embraces them. Why should I be deprived of my right to voice my opinion and give my input on the debate of laws in a representative government? I would not prohibit anyone from the Left to state theirs.

His statement that, “Paranoia has replaced piety,” is squarely aimed at my biblical views on the creation of the world and the Bible teaching that God has created us as male or female. I do not know if this was some initiatory concession which was made so he could be received by his colleagues at The Times or whether it is his actual position now. The irony that Mr. Vance is now attempting to extract votes from those whom he smugly ridicules may be the greatest demonstration yet of a fool in his folly; and the voters of Ohio should answer him appropriately. I encourage Bible believers to read his articles and interviews – completely and in their original context – and we may discover he has actually written a political Hillbilly Eulogy.

Daniel L. Wolvin
State Director Awake America Ohio


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