Practical approach to keeping healthy after your Covid-19 jab

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Brian, would you publish this guide to empower your readers who have received the Covid-19 injection who are now suffering from deleterious side effects from it?


A practical approach to keeping healthy after your Covid-19 jab

Learn about the immediate side effects and Post Covid-19 Vaccine Syndrome (pCoVS), a new complex multi-system inflammatory syndrome.

I don’t agree with the recommendation in this guide to use tylenol, –and the advice to consult your doctor on the use of steroids could lead to an inadequate dose of steroid medication which would not provide the needed antiinflammatory benefit that is needed. But first, the tylenol…

Tylenol depletes Glutathione, which is esential for recovery from illness, so suggesting that persons with covid illness take tylenol for symptom suppression will hamper the body’s ability to restore health to the person.

In this article, Glutathione and Viral Infection, 
…”Much evidence has accumulated over the past decade suggesting that patients infected with viruses such as influenza are under chronic oxidative stress [12]. This is particularly concerning if you already have low glutathione (GSH). A viral infection could lower your glutathione (GSH) below a critical point where oxidative stress progressively leads to tissue damage and organ failure.

There is also evidence to support that increasing your glutathione (GSH) may act as a prophylactic to viral infection. A study published in 2003 [13] demonstrated that glutathione has anti-influenza properties. Many viruses, just like influenza, affect the oral, nasal, and upper airway and therefore lead to oxidative stress, or other conditions that deplete glutathione, increasing vulnerability to such viral infections.”

Within this article is mentioned a substance, γ-glutamylcysteine, which intrigued me because of the claimed rapidity of restoring glutathione levels. 
N-acetylcysteine restores glutathione levels, but it takes time.

Here is a study which describes how y-glutamylcysteine is able to rapidly restore glutathione levels.

Oral administration of γ-glutamylcysteine increases intracellular glutathione levels above homeostasis in a randomised human trial pilot study

So, I searched for a source of γ-glutamylcysteine, and found this:
It’s a bit pricey, but if you’re acutely ill, it could help you very quickly.

As far as the use of steroids to control the inflammation associated with severe covid illness, it’s vital that an adequate dosage of the appropriate steroid is used.
The FLCCC Alliance MATH+ protocol uses a significant dosage of Methylprednisolone to control the severe inflammation:

Methylprednisolone A. Upon oxygen requirement or abnormal chest X-ray Preferred:
80mg IV bolus, then 40mg IV twice daily
Alternate: 80mg / 240ml normal saline IV infusion at 10ml/hr
Follow COVID-19 Respiratory Failure protocol:
A1.If no improvement in oxygenation in 1–3 days, double dose to 160mg/daily.
A2. Upon need for FIO2 > 0.6 or ICU, escalate to “Pulse Dose” below (B) A3. Once off IMV, NPPV, or High flow O2, decrease to 20mg twice daily.
Once off O2, then taper with 20mg/day × 5 days then 10mg/day × 5 days
B. Refractory Illness/ Cytokine Storm “Pulse” dose with 1 gram daily × 3 days Continue × 3 days then decrease to 160mg IV/ daily dose above, taper according to oxygen requirement (A).

If no response or CRP/Ferritin high/rising, consider mega-dose IV ascorbic acid and/or “Therapeutic Plasma Exchange” below
Ascorbic Acid O2 < 4L on hospital ward 500–1000mg oral every 6 hours Until discharge O2 > 4 L or in ICU 50mg/kg IV every 6 hours Up to 7 days or until discharge from ICU.

I have pointed this out because the doctor may need guidance on the use of steroids for the inflammatory phase of covid illness.

All of the FLCCC Alliance protocols can be found here:

Although the NIH and the CDC insist that there is no prevention or early treatments for covid illness, they are  lying to the public!

Doctors are having great success worldwide using prevention and treatment protocols for their patients.

-Joan River


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