Medical Tyranny Protection

Written by Mary Pruitt / October 14, 2021

For those finding themselves in the unamenable, disturbing circumstance of medical tyranny at your job, here are some good educational resources for religious exemptions.

We have legal protection under the best Freedom of Religion protection of our Constitutional Republic in the world, with Title VII Supremacy clause and Free Exercise clause.

And of course, we have spiritual protection from the Almighty God himself. The evil, Marxist loving tyrants are trying their best to destroy religious protections under the deceptive, manipulated guise of government owned, public health. But, do not fear, our faithful God will overcome these evil entities.

In truth,

Mary Pruitt

Scroll down to 90 minute video for an education. There is a whole library of YouTube videos to listen to also if you scroll down further toward bottom of attached link after that 90 min video.


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