Nothing to sneeze at…

Brian, in case some of your readers are below the age of 60, they might not understand the idiom, “Nothing to Sneeze At”

‘Nothing to Sneeze At’ means something that is not an inconsequential matter, not a trifling thing.

Interesting fact about “Nothing to Sneeze At”:

In the 17th century, sneezing was considered a symbol of status as people believed it cleared their head and stimulated their brain. Soon sneezing at will became a way to show one’s disapproval, lack of interest and boredom.

The first recorded use of the phrase in its current negative form, was in 1799, in a play by John Till Allingham: ‘Fortune’s Frolic’: “Why, as to his consent, I don’t value it a button; but then £5000 is a sum not to be sneezed at.”

So that being said, Natural Immunity is not an inconsequential matter–It is one of the ways that our God-given immune system  prevents  the same infection from needlessly recurring.

I wanted to share this 6-part series “Natural Immunity to SARS-CoV-2 with your readers to dispel the massive disinformation that is being disseminated from our government.

I have been following Jeremy Hammonds work for several years and I find him to be very thorough and accurate in his reporting.

After reading this series your readers will be able to defend their Natural Immunity status and not be bamboozled into unwittingly submitting to the C19 injection.

Joan River

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