Is Joe Biden a Chinese Puppet?

Written by Mary Pruitt / October 27, 2021

After seeing what is happening to our country since Biden took office, one with any utterance of rational thinking can only deduct that Biden and his administration, are enemies of the USA (1). The CCP Xi Jinping and the PLA certainly must be very proud to have installed their very best friend in the world, Joe Biden. (2, 3)

Every day brings more news about the downfall of our great country. The Biden authoritarian regime is taking out our first responders in every state. (4) By December 9th and sooner, this dictatorship will have weakened the police, fire, EMT, nurses, doctors, nuclear scientists, truckers, military, and a great many more. (5, 6, 7, 8) We are going to be in crisis mode in every critical safety sector of our country and many people will die due to the Biden dictatorship and his comrades. How the country can continue down this path to predictable mass chaos, is just more evidence that Biden is against America and is our enemy’s best friend ever.

Simultaneously, this very same regime is allowing the southern border to be wide open and transporting everyone possible into all parts of America. There are hundreds of thousands every month since Biden took office. They are coming from all over the world. (11) Preposterously, no covid vaccines are required for them. (12)








(8) Vaccine Mandate Threatens Major Trucking Disruption, Industry Insiders Say



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