NOACA…in Lake and Geauga Counties

LFC Comments by Brian Massie – Executive Director
We wanted to educate the citizens of Lake County about NOACA, and to report about a proposal by Mr. Walter “Skip” Claypool, a Geauga resident and former member of NOACA. Mr. Claypool wants to join forces with Lake County and form a new Metropolitan Planning Organization after leaving NOACA.


Northeast Ohio Areawide Coordinating Agency
1299 Superior Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44114

Mission: Transportation and Environmental Planning for Greater Cleveland

Lake County Commissioner John Hamercheck is the First Vice-President of NOACA for the year 2021. Congratulations Commissioner Hamercheck – Lake County is well represented.

From their Code of Regulations:

“As local officials of the five Ohio counties of Cuyahoga, Geauga, Lake, Lorain and Medina and of the City of Cleveland, and as part of our responsibilities for carrying out transportation and environmental planning in the five-county region, under local direction and in accordance with federal and state mandates, pursuant to authority granted under Ohio Revised Code Section 307.14, et seq., we have established the Northeast Ohio Areawide Coordinating Agency and adopt the following Code of Regulations.”

LFC was asked by the Geauga patriots to record a video of the presentation that Mr. Walter (Skip) Claypool made to the Geauga County Planning and Zoning committee. Mr. Claypool is a patriot, elected official, and tireless worker for the citizens of Geauga County. As a former member of NOACA, he is very familiar with the inner workings of NOACA.

He is very concerned that NOACA is straying from their original mission statement, and that Geauga County is a “donor community” – meaning that gasoline taxes are paid by Geauga residents, but Geauga County does not reap any benefits from NOACA because of the lopsided representation of Cuyahoga County within NOACA. Mr. Claypool is also concerned about the progressive, liberal slant of NOACA that threatens the culture and rural nature of Geauga County.

Mr. Skip Claypool talks to the Geauga County Planning and Zoning Committee and about 50 Geauga residents that attended the meeting. Those in attendance overwhelmingly supported Mr. Claypool’s idea of saving Geauga County from the progressive, shifting liberal policies of NOACA.

LFC will continue to follow this issue since Mr. Claypool is trying to convince the Lake County Commissioners to join Geauga County in forming their own Metropolitan Planning Organization.





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