Mary L. Bryner displays inappropriate conduct as Mentor School Board President

Mentor School Board President – Mary L. Bryner

Mary L Bryner (age 58) is currently listed at 6315 Carter Blvd, Mentor, 44060 Ohio and is affiliated with the Democrat Party.


Dear Mentor Residents:   

I am writing to make you aware of some of the things happening with the Mentor School Board. As you may know, there are 7 candidates vying for 3 open positions on the Mentor School Board. 

The current President of the School Board has taken it upon herself to disparage two candidates in particular, Diane Popelas and Annie Payne, through a Facebook Group — Protect Mentors Education, which has almost 200 members consisting of school administrators, teachers, staff, PTA presidents, board members and others.

All of these individuals can be influential in the education community.  I believe her actions on this Facebook Group have been inappropriate, unprofessional and a conflict-of-interest, that has harmed these two individuals and their supporters.  It appears that she is trying to hand-pick the members of the board with whom she will serve.  I believe that this is very wrong and a serious error in judgment on her part.

Fairness would dictate that, as President of the School Board, she would remain neutral in this situation.  Even the Ohio Board of Education demands the school administrators, superintendents, teachers, etc. display “Model professional and ethical behavior”. 

I do not believe her words or actions have lived up to these high standards.  She has diminished the office she holds, and has exposed herself as not being fair or impartial.  I would hope and expect that she would be held accountable for her behavior as the President of the School Board. 

A concerned Mentor Resident
Michael J. Williams


Diane Popelas – Mentor School Board candidate

Annie Payne – Mentor School Board candidate




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