A Killing of the Mind

A Killing of the Mind – Mass Psychosis is a Real Global Pandemic

Written by Linda Goudsmit / October 28, 2021

I first wrote about mass psychosis in Dear America: Who’s Driving the Bus? in 1995 – at the time  had no idea it had a name or a political application. I just kept referring to the conflict between objective reality and subjective reality. I understood that objective reality, the world of facts, is the safe/sane place to live. I also understood that people can be driven by fear into subjective reality, the world of feelings where, like children, they can be easily controlled. The problem, of course, is that imaginary worlds face very real consequences. I used the example of Johnny believing he can fly and jumping off a building. 

An individual’s mental health used to be measured by how in touch with objective reality that individual is – not anymore. A sane society can disagree on anything and everything, except what is real. Reality is the singularity that binds societies together. Our nation is splintering over what is real. Relativism insists we each live in our own “reality.” Relativism is very convenient for the psychopaths trying to rule the world, because in subjective reality feeling safe is the same as being safe. In real life, the difference between facts and feelings is the difference between life and death – ask Johnny’s mother because Johnny is no longer on this earth.

I am not exaggerating when I insist that the COVID-19 debacle is and always was political medicine designed to achieve total social control by the megalomaniacs running the op. If you want to know the motive, look at the result. OPeration Warp speed has sent the world hurtling toward planetary governance in the managerial state. Papers please. 

Linda Goudsmit



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