Ohio Republican Party Sued by Central Committee Members

LFC Comments by Brian Massie, Executive Director: Congratulations to the patriots in the Ohio Republican Party that will not just accept what the leadership of the Ohio Republican Party is pedaling these days. Financial transparency is vital to any legitimate organization, and the leaders do not get to use ORP funds without following the rules and providing full disclosure. There is absolutely no excuse for the ORP not having a financial audit for the past 16 – 20 years. The word “malfeasance” comes to mind when looking at these articles.

The ORP leadership tried to show the patriots that you must not challenge them. If you do, then you will be removed from all sub-committees. Shameful conduct by the ORP leadership, in our opinion.

Five patriots have thrown down the gauntlet by filing a lawsuit against the Ohio Republican Party and it’s Chairman Robert A. Paduchik, and Treasurer David W. Johnson.

Here is an article by The Tennessee Star that details the complaints against the leaders of the Ohio Republican Party. Incredibly, the patriots are now considered “malcontents” by Treasurer Johnson when they demand financial accountability of those holding the purse strings.


Here is an article by Cleveland.com on this issue:




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