State Treasurers’ Solution to America’s Decline and Rise of Totalitarianism

Fifteen State Treasurers Threaten to Defund Wall Street:  Their solution is THE solution to America’s Decline and the Rise of Totalitarianism

Written by Esther David
December 2, 2021

Fifteen States, led by the Treasurer of West Virginia, have decided that the banking industry is implementing financial policy that denies financing to the oil, gas, and coal industries in their states.

This banking discrimination, they say, poses harm to both the energy needs of their residents and the jobs produced by the oil, gas, and coal industries.  The 15 states have cosigned a letter written by West Virginia State Treasurer Riley Moore, stating that they will consider moving State funds out of the offending banks and into regional and local banks that are not part of Wall Street’s activist banking culture.  We all need to tell our Ohio State Treasurer and Auditor that we want Ohio to sign on to this letter.  At first glance, this is about banking’s attack on the fossil fuel industry.  However, there is much more here than meets the eye. This is the magic bullet that, if expanded to more states and counties, can tackle virtually every single issue fought by freedom loving activists, from vaccine mandates to corporate funding of critical race theory.

The 15 states are responding to what is called the ESG scoring system, which rates
companies according to Wall Street activist values. ESG turns Wall Street into a quasi- government entity that creates and enforces public policy without the input of the nation’s citizenry or even elected officials, and using (in part) our money. The “E” in ESG stands for Environmental, “S” for Social Justice and “G” as Governance score, and companies rank more highly by aligning with progressive activist values that have nothing to do with product quality or company value.

Wall Street’s largest banks, hedge funds, and asset managers desire to move money into green technology companies based on solar and wind technology and away from fossil fuels like coal, oil, and gas. Interestingly, Wall Street eschews proven green technologies like hydroelectric dams and nuclear energy. Why? You can’t skim fees and commissions from promoting existing technologies run by the public sector like dams and nuclear, but you can skim fees by funneling investor monies into sexy new unproven technologies.

Similarly, expanding Carbon Credit markets (already operating in Beijing and Paris) are a way to skim wealth while providing no value to society. Companies are given a high “E” score if they reduce fossil fuel use and direct their own employee pensions and other investments away from natural gas, oil, and coal companies. ESG scoring creates a system of carrots and sticks to force investors and institutions into the Wall Streets’ preferred green investments. Large banks and asset managers will punish both fossil fuel companies and investment in fossil fuel companies by the following methods:

  1. Deny fossil fuel companies any financing (as they have done to arms manufacturers).
  2. Issue “sell orders” for fossil fuel company stock to drive down stock prices.
  3. Punish other companies who might invest in natural gas, oil, and coal companies by giving them low “E” scores, denying them financing, and also driving down their stock price. 
  4. Reward compliant businesses with high “E” scores by promoting their stock with a “buy” order.
  5. Reward hospitals, universities, & non-profits who divest from fossil fuels with donations and special insider guidance for pensions, endowments, and other investments.  

These gifts come with expectations.  The President of Case Western Reserve University recently announced that it is divesting of all fossil fuel companies. 

President Eric W. Kaler is a PhD in chemical engineering.  He, more than most, knows that neither solar nor wind can deliver the energy necessary to power the nation.  His letter is a clear example of virtue signaling to Wall Street, while damning his fellow Americans to a future of energy scarcity.  

Rewards can also include insider trading benefits.  Wall Street’s largest banks know ahead of time which stocks will do well and can let an organization benefit from that insider information.  For instance, asset managers like BlackRock manage university, hospital, and non-profit endowments.  According to Attorney John Titus, BlackRock has an insider relationship with the Federal Reserve where it determines all Federal Reserve asset purchases (stocks and bonds– both foreign and domestic) via a program called “Going Direct”.   This John Titus video proves that the Federal Reserve, together with BlackRock are planning a totalitarian government that controls every financial transaction you might consider.

The 15 Republican State Treasurers focused only on “E” for environmental because they are concerned about the future of the oil, gas, and coal industries that provide jobs and fuel in their states.  What they fail to realize is that Wall Street is using these same techniques of financial extortion and corporate king-making to impose virtually every other goal that is part of America’s “culture war”, including vaccine mandates, on American society.  For instance, Goldman Sachs, Citibank and Morgan Stanley announced their vaccine mandates for employees the day after Pfizer’s FDA approval.

Financially savvy Goldman employees must be livid realizing that their employer has helped ensure Pfizer’s success by turning them into an ongoing captive population for Pfizer vaccines guaranteeing Pfizer market share. Wall Street benefits from the fees on every Pfizer related stock transaction. 

The “S” Social score and “G” Governance scores in ESG similarly promote activist values within corporations.  Proctor and Gamble’s Gillette brand recently ran an advertisement featuring a father teaching his transgendered so-called “son” to shave.

This advertisement earns Proctor and Gamble a higher “S” score for promoting “gender equity”.  Companies that contribute to organizations that promote critical race theory and other social justice causes will receive a higher “S” score.  Similarly, companies that enforce racial and gender-bending quotas on their Boards of Directors, employment decisions and who actively cooperate with ESG goals will receive higher “G” scores.

Traditional values activists are exhausted fighting mask wars, vaccine wars, Critical Race theory wars, LGBTQ+ wars, and so on.  Activists would have greater success if they realized that all their problems originate with the Federal Reserve and Wall Street,  and targeted their efforts accordingly.   The medical freedom activist, for instance, gets frustrated that the State legislature does not pass a ban on vaccine mandates, while failing to realize that the Ohio legislature is held captive to Wall Street interests under the guise of an organization called The Ohio Chamber of Commerce that is merely a local affiliate of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.  The U.S. Chamber of Commerce supports “Build Back Better” and had a critical role in exporting U.S. manufacturing to China.

“Build Back Better” is a creation of the World Economic Forum, which is mostly a project of the Earth’s biggest investment banks and central banks like the Federal Reserve and European Central Bank.  Build Back Better is just another name for “The Great Reset” program to control every aspect of life.   5 minute video explains…

The phrase is parroted by City of London and Wall Street spokesmen, puppet leaders like Merkel of Germany, Boris Johnson of England, Trudeau in Canada, as well as Biden in the U.S.  Watch Wall Street’s puppets parrot “Build Back Better”.

“Build Back Better” is really about creating a world that implements both an ESG control grid model for corporations, and the totalitarianism needed to implement a central bank digital currency  (CBDC) or control grid for individuals.  This is what Christians call the “Mark of the Beast” system that restricts your ability to buy or sell as money can be programmed to turn “on” or “off” like a faucet at the discretion of the Federal Reserve.   Imagine a world where the government decides that you can drive only 5 miles from home, and turns your money off if you drive 6 miles to purchase your favorite wine.  You go to the cash register and your money does not work.  

Attorney John Titus gives the best evidence of central bank efforts to place us in that  digital prison.   The following video is highly recommended proof.

Activists need to realize that the multi-headed hydra they fight has but one body—Wall Street’s largest banks and asset managers, and the Federal Reserve working together.   

Ohio’s elected officials need to represent Ohioans, not Wall Street. 

Our Attorney General and Treasurer need to work towards divesting us out of Wall Street’s ESG tyrants, and supporting regional and local banks that are not part of ESG culture.  The letter written by West Virginia’s Treasurer could be expanded to include much more than just the “E” in ESG.  States could demand that their deposits be held by banks that do not promote vaccine mandates or social justice issues like reparations and critical race theory.  These large banks would have to back-peddle if sufficient numbers of States and counties remove their deposits.  The rest of corporate America would quickly realize that the Banking Mafia had been defanged, and would retreat from policies that are already alienating many of their customers.  

Lake County operating funds reside currently with JP Morgan Chase.  JP Morgan Chase is the single biggest proponent of the ESG tyranny.  The Epoch Times records that it was JP Morgan Chase who in the 1970s led Wall Street’s plan to provide incentives for U.S. manufacturing to move to China.  Supply chain problems might yet bring steel production back to the U.S. and Cleveland.  However, that will depend upon plentiful coal.  That depends upon breaking the back of Wall Street’s ESG model.  Fifteen states have shown us the way by taking this first step.  We all need to tell our AG and Treasurer to sign on.   

Even if our AG and Treasurer refuse to move funds; there is nothing stopping every Ohio county from defunding the enemy by moving county bank deposits out of Wall Street’s biggest offenders.  This includes the banks we bailed out in 2008:   Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase, Citibank, Morgan Stanley, Amalgamated Bank, Goldman Sachs, and Wells Fargo.  State and county pensions are also frequently managed by the following ESG asset managers: Vanguard, Black Rock, and State Street.  These funds too should be managed locally. 

Government is the only institution that should be “too big to fail”.  When these banks became “too big to fail”, they became emboldened and came to see themselves as an extension of our government.  Bringing Ohio funds home to local and regional banks will power our local economy and allow us to take back control of our political destiny. 

This topic was discussed on the Glenn Beck show on December 1st beginning at minute 48:     Please listen:

Esther David


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