Protecting Ohio’s Children

2020 Protect Ohio Children Award

In recognition of outstanding service in 2020 by State Senator Tim Schaffer he was recently presented the Protect Ohio Children award by Ohio Value Voters President John Stover.

State Senator Tim Schaffer / Ohio Value voters President John Stover

Senator Schaffer was recognized for his advocacy for children when he introduced legislation in the last General Assembly to address the sexual exploitation of children. Due to COVID this presentation was delayed.

[LFC Warning: the video below is very disturbing…it shows the depravity of some people in Ohio.]

The legislation was related to a nine year old boy, dressed as a girl and dancing in a Lancaster Ohio bar for tips. Video here

Local and state law enforcement failed to take action in this matter. The legislation was not passed by the General Assembly.


LFC Comments by T. Paine: Many thanks to Senator Schaffer for addressing the exploitation of Ohio’s children. It is appalling the rest of the Ohio State Senators and Representatives would not pass legislation protecting the youth of Ohio. They should all be ashamed of themselves.




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