Dr. Nagase exposes/explains Pfizer data…updated 1/31/22

Dr. Nagase exposes/explains Pfizer data

Written by Mary Pruitt / December 11, 2021

Attorney Aaron Siri sued FDA to release Pfizer data, used to authorize Covid Vaccine, after FDA would not supply his client’s organization https://phmpt.org FOIA request. Atty Siri’s clients are scientists and professors looking for the transparent data they were promised by our lying bureacrats and pharma frauds. During this lawsuit, FDA requested the court to allow them to release 500 pages per month which would take 55 years. The FDA released it’s first 91 pages 11/17/21.

Dr Daniel Nagase, who has been suspended by Canadian Healthcare system for speaking up for his patients, shares what he found in his review of this initial data release. The data released in the 91 pages supports his side. The data they released, was from within 90 days of December 2020. This means FDA, CDC, NIH, HHS (AND PERHAPS MORE) LEADERSHIP ALL KNEW OF THESE SERIOUS ADVERSE EVENTS. THEY LIED TO EVERYONE from the very start!!!!

You can find first 91 pages released yourself right here. https://aaronsiri.substack.com/p/fda-produces-the-first-91-pages-of

Below is the video of Canadian Dr Daniel Nagase reviewing these documents. You can find multiple other scientists or doctors reviewing this documentation who actually give a darn about public health and INFORMED CONSENT. Informed consent has been the bedrock of patient advocacy. Patients have the right to know the risks of any medical treatment or procedure. Our Healthcare leaders have been deceitful.

https://www.bitchute.com/video/gpYBqzNheD5s/ via BitChute

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Updated by Linda Goudsmit / January 31, 2022

The proof: 1/31/22Of course Pfizer wanted to hide this damning information for 55 years!

Dr Nagase gives a very clear and compelling analysis of the criminal COVID enterprise that is designed to alter the genes of future generations. There is NO SAFE dose for these injections.

It is a bioweapon.
The U.S. government “health” authorities have had this information from Pfizer since April 2021 – 30% adverse side effect rate in adults. 1200 deaths in the first three months. The pediatric rate of adverse effects was 40%. Those involved in approving these jabs are criminals. Pregnant women had a 27% serious clinical event.
These statistics are from the three month period Dec 1, 2020 – February 28, 2021 

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