A Covid Treatment Expert

A Covid Treatment Expert

Written by: Mary Pruitt / December 12, 2021

If I, or a loved one, was severely ill with Covid, I would want this doctor, or one like him, to be in charge of care. Doctors who have, and uses their clinical judgment, rather than robotically following “guidelines” for Covid, are heroes. Expert Covid Doctors like Dr Pierre Cory fight against the oppressive regime of the corporate hospitalists, and actually save lives.

I encourage people to be aware of all the tools available in a doctor’s medical bag, to treat the inflammatory aspects of Covid. This way if you or a loved one finds themselves a victim to Covid or poor early medical treatment of Covid, you have knowledge. Patient advocacy requires education. This is part of your education for today.

The 3 letter bureacracies in DC, with cooperation from the hospitalists, are killing patients by tying the hands of doctors to treat. Many medical professionals are feeling trapped by their situations and believe they have no choice but to go along to get along, or find themselves smeared, fired and destitute.

Please take a listen and learn about options to treat Covid that are being suppressed.


In truth,

Mary Pruitt


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