The Three “Un-Wise” Men Bring Us “Gifts”

LFC Comments by Brian Massie, Executive Director:

We were saddened to read that all three Lake County Commissioners passed resolutions reappointing Mr. Bill Martin and Mr. Art Lindrose to the Lake County Authority Board of Directors for another four years.

LFC discovered Martin and Lindrose when we were investigating the infamous “Better Flip” project. Here is an article we wrote on May 31, 2019.

Commissioners Young and Plecnik will never make any controversial decisions that may impact their chances of being re-elected. So during the next 6 -9 months we will see both of them “hem and haw” in all dealings. They will reassure you that they are “fiscal hawks”, and for the “little people”.

Plecnik can obfuscate and pontificate with the best of them, and when he has his pit bull weirdly hanging from his shoulder at speaking engagements he reminds us of Richard (Tricky Dick) Nixon with his dog, Checkers. However, Checkers never looked like he could eat you.

Regretfully, Commissioner Hamercheck’s lack of concern for Martin’s and Lindrose’s malfeasance in dealing with the Better Flip project is what really surprised us.

We have been informed that the following people have asked the Lake County Board of Elections for a petition for the two Lake County Commissioners’ positions.

  1. Daniel Troy (Former Lake County Commissioner, currently State Representative)
  2. Morris Beverage III (son of LCC’s Morris Beverage)
  3. Maureen Kelly (Former Lake County Clerk of Court)
  4. Richard J. Regovich (current Mayor of Willowick)

There is some real talent in those four names! We are going to be watching these races with keen interest and will reach out to each of the candidates for their positions on various matters, and ask why do they want to be a Lake County Commissioner. We look forward to giving them a platform, including videos, to communicate their message to the Lake County voters. We will “pull back the curtain” on the current faux conservatives, Commissioners Plecnik and Young.

Plecnik is already playing radio ads for his re-election. He is a constant campaigner, and does not hesitate to tell everyone of his good deed – even when he had nothing to do with it. It is a shame that he does not believe in the Ohio Sunshine Laws; thinks that the Public Records Act is too expensive for a public body to honor, and the Lake County Visitors Bureau can flaunt the IRS regulations. He desperately wants to be part of the Lake County Kool Kids Klub; and in our opinion, will sell out the conservative base to get there. He reminds me of a historical figure that sold out for 30 silver coins. Isn’t that right “Just Judas”?




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