Have You Heard About Herd Immunity?

LFC Comments: Thanks to Mary Pruitt for sending us a copy of her email to globalhealth@georgetown.edu.


Dear Mr. Gostin,

My comments are in response to your ill informed comments in an Axios article https://www.axios.com/republicans-coronavirus-vaccines-discrimination-law-states-533503fb-fa83-43d0-bd51-2d614483d241.html

You had mentioned herd immunity. Funny thing is, our hijacked medical establishment has suddenly redefined herd immunity. What a game you and your globalist friends are playing. Herd immunity, scientifically, INCLUDES COVID RECOVERED no matter what ya’ll say. (1)

In a recent FOIA request, brought by Attorney Aaron Siri, CDC could not present one case that a Covid recovered person spread Covid to another, during the last two years. (2) Gee, I wonder why. On the other hand, the fully vaccinated have proven to transmit covid to hundreds of thousands of vulnerable people. (3, 4)

When I search the CDC website for natural immunity, the only thing CDC says is that if someone gets covid it is dangerous, therefore vaccine is best. CDC also says they have no clue how long natural immunity lasts after covid recovery. (5)

A scientist, or any enlightened person, might wonder why 2 years post start of pandemic, the CDC still is clueless to natural immunity. No? Why have they not researched this? Seriously, CDC has their heads in the sand. CDC Blinders are on so they can push push push, force force force, covid recovered people to get vaccinated. I already had Covid like millions of people have. CDC’s argument for covid recovered individuals, to now get vaccinated, is truly stupid.

There are 140 studies that show natural immunity is robust and durable. (6) Does the CDC ignore all these? Yes, they do. It is reprehensible and a dereliction of the CDC public health duties. The CDC must include covid recovered in the goal of herd immunity. Period.

In truth,

Mary Pruitt

(1) https://www.organicconsumers.org/news/who-changes-definition-herd-immunity

(2) https://aaronsiri.substack.com/p/cdc-admits-crushing-rights-of-naturally

(3) https://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-021-02187-1

(4) https://www.cbsnews.com/news/covid-vaccine-delta-variant-infections-carry-same-virus-load-unvaccinated/

(5) you need microscope to find the info they have on natural immunity. CDC GETS AdvertiseF for failure to research properly. Fire CDC, not the unvaccinated!!! https://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/covid-19/hcp/answering-questions.html?s_cid=11716:%2Bcovid%20%2Bnatural%20%2Bimmunity:sem.b:p:RG:GM:gen:PTN:FY22

(6) https://brownstone.org/articles/79-research-studies-affirm-naturally-acquired-immunity-to-covid-19-documented-linked-and-quoted/




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