Has COSE sold out by going “WOKE”

The Council of Smaller Enterprises, known as COSE, is a division of the Greater Cleveland Partnership and an organization that coordinates the activities of and provides resources and advocacy for small businesses in the Greater Cleveland area.

Megan Kim, Executive Director

LFC has received numerous complaints recently about COSE going “Woke” and not abiding by their mission statement as an advocate for smaller enterprises.

From a COSE member:
“As far as COSE, an article would be nice to expose their hypocrisy as well. It’s a quite simple question for them to answer and a disservice to take dues for claimed representation in business interests then refuse to answer where they stand on the most major issue to arbitrarily impact business interests in my lifetime.”


We sent two email messages to their Executive Director, Ms. Megan Kim, asking for their stance on the OSHA vaccine and mask mandates.


We have not heard from Ms. Kim, we can only assume that COSE has gone to the dark side just like the Salvation Army, and has failed their members by not taking a formal stance against the mask mandate.

Their members need to rethink if COSE truly does care about the members’ businesses. Have they sold out their members to the cult of political correctness, and fearful of taking a position that is counter to the Democrat or Communist movement?

COSE officials, if you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything!

Ms. Kim, you better cover up, your hypocrisy is showing!


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