Health Care Crisis

Health Care Crisis

Written by: Mary Pruitt / January 6, 2022

As this article points out, we are experiencing a healthcare crisis thanks to Frankenfauci, Biden and the covidians. This was predicted by many who were silenced, smeared and ignored by the Biden Covidians. Yet they continued their moronic policies. The corrupted hospitalists and politicians are denying covid recovered natural immunity, probably for greed of special covid funding access.

They have fired those who already had Covid, who hold natural immunity. Covid recovered natural immunity is durable and robust. (1) These healthcare workers have had Covid. The CDC has admitted they have not one documented case that Covid spreads from Covid Recovered unvaccinated people to anyone else. (2)

The mass loss of healthcare workers will kill more than they “think” they are saving. Are administrative people really this dim that they do not understand firing skilled or other healthcare workers for this vaccine mandate was a really bad idea?

We already had a shortage of healthcare workers before Covid started. (3) Then, early in 2021 there was known burn out and shortage. (4) And how do these genius healthcare companies handle the shortage and burnout? By FIRING COVID RECOVERED HEALTHCARE WORKERS to be in good grace of the Biden Covidians in charge if doling out big money to the healthcare companies for Covid. What a racket. Ugh!

They are not saving anybody. Their lack of scientific knowledge about covid recovered natural immunity is either from incompetence or greed motivated corruption. Either way, they are all complicit in this vaccine mandate induced healthcare crisis. For all deaths resulting during the healthcare shortage, all healthcare facilities should be held liable if they fired Covid Recovered skilled workers, STNAs and environmental workers that clean and help reduce infection.





In truth,

Mary Pruitt

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