10 Questions Every Parent Should Ask

The website “courageisahabit.org” was mentioned in the Ohio Press Network Zoom meeting held on March 19, 2022.

We think it is extremely important for public school parents to be aware of what is happening in the K-12 schools. If you do not want the Ohio public schools to indoctrinate or control your children, you need to start learning what is happening with Social, Emotional Learning.

We will continue to publish articles about SEL education.

Brian Massie, Executive Director



Education is getting a lot of attention these days, but it can be difficult to navigate all the information out there. The issues and content getting exposed in our education system are alarming and widely unpopular with parents, but you may ask yourself, “What can I do about it?”

Answer: A lot!

You are the best line of defense for your children. Over time, public schools have slowly removed parents from the equation but it’s time to change that!
The upcoming release of our first-of-its-kind education platform will prepare and empower you to get involved.

While that is in development, the first thing you should do is find out what is going on in your local school district. Sadly, schools are not always as transparent as they should be.

This “10 Questions Every Parent Should Ask” PDF, will guide you through the process of finding out exactly what is going on at your child’s school, and spreading the word to other concerned parents.

Stay engaged. Stay consistent. Courage is a habit.


The Courage Is A Habit Team­­

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