A Reader Weighs in on the Governor’s Race

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Brian Massie, Executive Director and average citizen


From a Lake County, Ohio resident:

I am a constitutional conservative. I am 71 in a few days and have watched our Republic deteriorate into a “democracy for elites” who take from each middle class resident tens of thousands of dollars yearly and pass adverse “statutes” against “citizen’s” Constitutional Rights and Liberties. I am a Resident of Ohio; I am not a “citizen of DC.”

I am only a small voice in this world; I will only tell you how I feel about our dire situation in this country. If we do not return to the Constitution, we are doomed. If we do not get back to sound money systems (in the world) in this country and this state, we will become worse than any communist country.

I am asking you to consider supporting Joe Blystone as Ohio Governor.

I do not support the current governor, Mike Dewine mainly because he followed “orders” and shut down all small businesses even though this very bad flu virus had a 99.4% recovery rate.

The “vaccine” mandates” were Nuremberg violations and US Constitution violations. We did not have any CDC seasonal flu deaths (0) during this “lockdown” period but prior years seasonal flu caused 50,000-80,000 yearly deaths. Somehow Covid19 stopped seasonal flu completely; Omicron cured Covid and brought back seasonal flu deaths. And now you will see what mRNA will do for the recipients!!!

We need to research (especially in the patent office) and follow the money trails before we make hasty decisions that affect millions of people. No, I do not support Dewine!!!

I thank you for your time.




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