Concord Fire Stations…Just the Facts

Written by Brian Massie, Concord Township resident for 16 years

There have been a lot of discussions, comments, and innuendos about the progress and financial realities of building the two fire stations in Concord Township, Ohio (Lake County) in our current economy.

Rather than spread misinformation, we decided to contact Mr. Andy Rose, Concord’s Administrator, and get the facts about the progress of the two fire stations. The following are the statements we made, and Mr. Rose’s responses.

We would like to thank Mr. Rose and the Trustees for their transparency with the residents of Concord Township. They do a great job of live streaming and recording the Trustee’s meeting, and making themselves available to the residents.

(1): Fire station one (main station) was first estimated to be $8 million.  The new estimated cost is $9.8 million. (22.5% increase)  

Mr. Rose’s response:

Correct but realize the initial estimates were done just prior to COVID.  There was a long discussion about this exact issue at the 10/6/2021 Trustee meeting. 

Link to view that meeting: (starting at 39:40) 

The $9.8 million is cost of construction only and does not include architect, owner’s rep services, or owner provided equipment. The trustees also discussed the consequence of waiting to build the fire stations, this was referenced during the stakeholder meetings.  While people did not anticipate the supply chain issues and the dramatic escalation of costs as a result of COVID, the Trustees have always stated increasing costs over time was their concern. 


 (2): Fire station two (Prouty Road) was first estimated to be $4 million. 

Mr. Rose’s response:



(3) The levy passed by the voters was enough to cover the $12 million for both stations.  

Mr. Rose’s response:

No.  We asked for $8 million and stated on the record we would fund the remaining costs from existing revenue.  This was clearly stated at the 7/28/2020 Stakeholder meeting we held.

See video link:

at the 6:45 mark. Fiscal Officer Amy Dawson broke down the numbers.


(4) There is not enough money to build both stations at this time. 

Mr. Rose’s response:

We do not have a current cost estimate for station 2, thus we do not know what funding will be needed or any short fall.  As you know, multiple factors are influencing supply and ultimately costs. 

It is difficult now to estimate and determine what those costs will be, and ultimately what the financing for that portion of the project will be.  As Station 1 is closer to completion, we will examine the Station 2 phase in greater detail and develop a plan to complete the next phase.


(5) There are no plans to go back to the voters for additional funding.  

Mr. Rose’s response:

Correct.  As clearly stated at the Stakeholder meeting, we do not plan to go back to the voters for another bond levy for Station 2.


(6) Therefore, station number 2 is “on hold” for the foreseeable future.  

Mr. Rose’s response:

No.  Station 2 is not “on hold”.  We made a commitment to the community to construct a new Station 2 upon completion of Station 1.  The Township has [n]ever [sic]stated this is “on hold”.


(7) Do I have the facts correct?  

Mr. Rose’s response:

My comments in red font should clear up correct and incorrect statements.

In addition, I feel compelled to state that there have been several lengthy discussions on the record regarding the fire stations project.  We held three separate stakeholder meetings.  There was a robust discussion during the 10/6/2021 Trustee meeting regarding construction costs and the timing of the project.  There have been other discussions in public meetings and never once was Station 2 placed “on hold”.

(link for 10/6 meeting is listed above).

Everything we have done on this project has been captured on the record for anyone to see through our meeting videos and meeting minutes which are readily available on our website.


(8) What is the projected completion date of fire station 1?  

Mr. Rose’s response:

Station 1 is scheduled to be completed in April – May 2023



If any Concord resident has any comments about the fire stations, please send them to We will add them to this article if you submit your name with the comment.


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