The Honorable Man Podcast

By Brian Massie, Men of Honor Member

Men of Honor is a growing Lake County social group interested in issues impacting the family, Lake County, the State of Ohio, and our Constitutional Republic. They recognize the importance of our traditional family values and the need to help build our next generation of leaders.

Two leaders of the group, Mr. Ed Jones and Mr. Tim Hickey, have a weekly podcast every Monday where they discuss issues, self-help topics, highlight Men of Honor from history, and interview people that are active in the local community.

Yours truly was interviewed, and it will be broadcast this week. Mr. Scott Fishel, recently elected Riverside School Board member, will be featured in the very near future.

Their website is Click on the “Listen Now” link on the upper right hand corner and choose your preferred podcast provider.

Weekly Podcast – New Episode Every Monday

“Welcome to The Honorable Man Podcast, a podcast dedicated to men who’ve chosen the path of honor, strength, and integrity. If you’re looking to become a better man, you’ve come to the right place. LET’S GO!”

Here is a link using the Google Podcasts with all of their past episodes:

Patriotic men making a difference in their community!


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