John Eklund displays chameleon personality disorder

LFC Comments by Brian Massie:

Sarah’s opponent for the 11th District Court of Appeals is John Eklund.

Someone took our original video of John Eklund, candidate for 11th Circuit Court of Appeals, and highlighted Mr. Eklund’s “riveting” responses to questions from the audience.

Mr. Eklund voted against the Heartbeat Bill, a pro-life piece of legislation, and also the Stand Your Ground Bill, a bill supporting the 2nd amendment.

Mr. Eklund has been referred to as a “conservative by association”, which means to us that he has a chameleon personality disorder. However, please keep in mind that we are not psychiatrists, or even biologists, but we digress.

What is a chameleon personality you may ask?

“The key characteristic of the social chameleon, just like their reptilian color-changing counterpart, is an ability to blend seamlessly into any social environment. They can be the life and soul of the party or be quiet and reserved; they pay close attention to social cues and will mimic the behavior of others.”

In other words, Eklund is a politician that will say anything to get your vote, and will not really tell you what his position is on anything.

Eklund is supported by the Lake County Republican leaders that share the same chameleon personality disorder. It is very nasty virus that appears, strangely, right around election time.

Proficiently using camouflage to obscure their voting history and their true left of center tendencies, they can actual seem to be “conservative” to the untrained eye.

Be wary of anyone that labels themselves as “conservative” but supports those that favor killing and dismembering the innocent ones in the womb.

“Woe be to those that call evil good and good evil” says Isaiah 5:20



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