Courage is a habit

Do you allow your students to choose their preferred pronouns? 

If so, do you notify parents if a child chooses a pronoun other than what is used at home? 

How long does it take you to notify a parent if this occurs?  


Preferred pronouns are LGBTQ+ terms used to identify pronouns a person wants to be associated with. The normalization of choosing your preferred pronoun in the education system is cause for concern. There are many cases of schools firing teachers for refusing to use a child’s preferred pronoun because it goes against their personal beliefs.  

The issue isn’t about being kind or not; it is about conformity and truth. According to the Oxford Dictionary, social contagion is the spread of ideas, attitudes, or behavior patterns in a group through imitation and conformity.  Adolescents are extremely impressionable and susceptible to social contagion. Redefining words can distort their reality and influence their behaviors. 

Who should define the truth for your child? What happens when children are taught the opposite of what their parents believe? Use these questions to find out if your school is supporting this ideology.

Be on the lookout for more useful information and the upcoming release of our first-of-its-kind education platform. 

Stay engaged. Stay consistent. Courage is a habit.



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