Dangers of Disinformation Board

The Biden regime has institutionalized censorship. It is frightening that any American on either side of the aisle does not see the tyranny of this government.

Citizens who doubted the election was stolen; that Covid is a bioweapon; that the uniparty of the USA is a collaboration between globalists using the political system to further their planetary ambitions; that children are being indoctrinated, sexualized, and groomed for global citizenship; that the United States is under attack – to all of them I say, “If you cannot recognize the tyranny of a Disinformation Governance Board, you are a hopeless useful idiot and an indoctrinated soldier participating in the destruction of America.” Wake up America! The Biden regime is the enemy within.   

Linda Goudsmit / May 2, 2022

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The Absolute Danger Of Biden’s Disinformation Governance Board
May 1, 2022

We should all be very concerned with how far we have allowed the fifth columnists to go with manipulating speech and our right to free speech. From the absurd notion of political correctness to social media and internet censorship to the newly created DHS Disinformation Governance Board, in the “information age” we are less free to express ourselves – especially politically – than ever before.

Efforts to combat disinformation, “fake news,” and propaganda culminating in the censorship of free speech are nothing new. This is not some newly created virus that has exploded onto the scene. It has been around from the beginning and has been used against the American people as far back as the genesis of our country.

The Stain of Censorship in American History

Seldom have past attempts to censor free speech in the United States come with the full-throatiness of the federal government. But it has occurred.

John Adams, for all of his contributions to freedom and our Republic, let his vanity get the better of him in the signing of a law that made it illegal to criticize a government official without backing up one’s criticisms in court. That law was overturned after his loss to Thomas Jefferson in the election of 1800.

Congress passed the Comstock Law in 1873, forbidding the use of the US Postal Service for the delivery of erotica, contraceptives, abortifacients, sex toys, personal letters alluding to any sexual content or information, or any information regarding the above items. The law is responsible for the destruction of 15 tons of books, almost 4,000,000 pictures, and 284,000 pounds of printing plates for making “objectionable” books. The law was repealed, for the most part, in 1919 and 1965, and completely in 1972.

During the fascist Wilson Administration, the Sedition Act of 1918 was enacted, which prohibited speech that cast the government or the war effort in World War I in a negative light. It also forbade speech that interfered with the sale of government bonds. The law was repealed on December 13, 1920.

This attack on free speech continued in the equally fascist Roosevelt administration with the creation of the Office of Censorship, established under the guise of protecting war-time secrets during World War II. Under Executive Order 8985, the director of the Office of Censorship held the ability to open and read every letter that crossed international or US territorial borders from December 1941 to August 1945 when it was repealed.

This continued into the era of McCarthyism, into the Russian-influenced cultural wars of the 1960s and 1970s, epitomized in the full complement of network news outlets propagandizing about the Tet Offensive during the Vietnam War being a failure when, in fact, it was an overwhelming success.

In 2014, then-President Obama was the target of a public letter signed by representatives from 38 journalist organizations criticizing his administration’s efforts to “stifle or block” news coverage of its actions. The blocking of information was attributed to executive authority under the Espionage Act. This was in spite of Mr. Obama’s 2008 campaign promises to provide transparency.

This brings us to today and President Biden’s move (and I think we can dispense with the Biden “beard” to say the Jarrett Cabal) in establishing the Disinformation Governance Board under the authority of the Department of Homeland Security. The irony that it was announced after the fascist Left’s grip on Twitter was shattered is not lost on the writer.

Biden Competes With The Fascism Of Wilson And FDR

Disinformation, in its contemporary meaning (we all know how Progressives/Fascists like to play with word meanings), reads thusly:

“…false information deliberately and often covertly spread (as by the planting of rumors) in order to influence public opinion or obscure the truth.”

As clear-cut as that definition may be, the concept of disinformation – which is quite different from “misinformation” due to its deliberate nature – must take a knee to one very important aspect: the arbiter of what is “false”; what is “truth.”

Just as with the glaring subjectivity and relativism used to apply the label “hate speech” and the charges of “hate crimes,” the meaning – what constitutes the hate or disinformation – is all in the eyes of the arbiter; of the deciding person(s) idea of what hate or disinformation is. This leaves the entire purview of the decider, of the arbiter, wholly contaminated by personal biases.

So, the question is this. Who gets to decide what disinformation and “hate” actually are? A politician? A Bureaucrat? The mainstream media complex? Social media censors? Is there anyone on the face of the planet that: a) trusts any of those entities enough to cede their right to free speech to them, and b) doesn’t see this as a dangerous and manipulative scheme to attain power ala the speech and thought control associated with Orwell’s 1984?

Those who are puppet mastering the Biden presidency have openly and transparently proved themselves admirers of the fascist ideologies of Wilson and FDR. In fact, the argument can be made that they are striving to surpass both administrations to fully deliver the United States government to the oligarchic fascism of world governance.

The Unqualified Will Determine The Truth

That understood, it is imperative for the fascists of the Biden administration to control their narratives at all costs. This has led to the creation of the Disinformation Governance Board under Nina Jankowicz. But who is Ms. Jankowicz?

Jankowicz, who has a lust for the spotlight (as you will soon see) Received her B.A. from Bryn Mawr College, double-majoring in Russian and political science, and spent a semester at Herzen State Pedagogical University in Russia. She was a Fulbright-Clinton Public Policy fellow in Kyiv, working with the foreign ministry of Ukraine, and – until her appointment into the Biden administration, served as a “disinformation fellow” at the Woodrow Wilson Center and as supervisor of the Russia and Belarus programs at the National Democratic Institute.

But, before we move on, we should spotlight the talents of Ms. Jannkowicz. This exercise in soul-searched transparency should tell you all you need to know about her motivation:

But enough sampling of Jankowicz’s raw talent.

Normally, Jankowicz’s educational and political sphere achievements would constitute a pretty impressive curriculum vitae – aside from the Clinton-Russia connection, the Biden-Ukraine connection, and the fact that she deals in disinformation for an entity celebrating the most fascist American president in history. But Jankowicz’s glaring and numerous errors on very important topics expose her extreme political biases and, therefore, disqualifies her from being an impartial arbiter in divining disinformation. Jankowicz shouldn’t be anywhere near the position to which she was appointed.

Jankowicz took a hard stand in declaring that the Hunter Biden laptop story was nothing more than a “Trump campaign product.” In October of 2020, she tweeted, “Back on the ‘laptop from hell,’ apparently – Biden notes 50 former natsec officials and 5 former CIA heads that believe the laptop is a Russian influence op. Trump says ‘Russia, Russia, Russia.’”

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The Absolute Danger Of Biden’s Disinformation Governance Board



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