Lakeland Community College Meeting to Discuss Morris Beverage’s Compensation…updated May 26th

LFC Comments: We received the following notification from Lakeland’s Office Manager. We were planning to attend and take a video for our readers, but it is an executive session and the public is always excluded. We will have to issue a public records request to learn about Mr. Beverage’s new compensation package.

This may be cultural appropriation, but we have been keeping our “ear to the ground” and heard that Mr. Beverage has downsized his demands. Instead of an “arm and a leg” from the taxpayers, we hear that only a leg is demanded. What will the rank and file employees think about the revised demands? Will they be on the “warpath”? Wonder if they have a union representing them, just like the secretaries at the Prosecutor’s office?


Good morning:

In accordance with ORC 121.22, this serves as notification that the Lake County Community College District Board of Trustees will hold a Special Meeting on Thursday, May 26 at 5:00 PM in room U119 at the Holden University Center across from Lakeland Community College’s main campus.

Thank you.

Pamela Clark, Office Manager

Lakeland Community College

Office of the President


Updated May 26, 2022

Here is a comment from a very unhappy Lake County taxpayer:

“The exalted Lakeland Board of Trustees should take their proposed “ executive session “ regarding Morris Beverage and his compensation and stick it in their ear.

Whose money do these people think they’re spending ? Is it their own, or does it belong to taxpayers ? By what right do they make the decision to pitchfork even more tax dollars into the bank account of a failure of the magnitude of Morris Beverage without any public discussion or a shred of accountability ?”

“By any sane or responsible measure the trustees have failed in their duty to taxpayers  and that goes double for the board of county commissioners and the governor who appoint them and then fail to provide any form of oversight. For years Lakeland’s so called management has been a byword for corruption and incompetence.”

“It is long past time to make Morris Beverage a has been, acknowledging what any objective standard would recognize as failure to meet the most basic requirements expected of anyone serving as a college president.”

“Taxpayers can tell the difference, even if the board of trustees can’t.”



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