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LFC Comments by Brian Massie, Executive Director

Reposted: June 7, 2022

Our research into Ohio’s public education clearly indicates that there is a continued decline in the quality of public education. It recent years as the socialist / communist agenda has become clear, to any clear thinking patriot, that this precipitous decline has be planned. The overall proficiency score for all Ohio schools is 65%. We have children graduating from high school that cannot read or write! There is a purposeful dumbing down of our youth. Now we see educators promoting Social Emotional Learning, Critical Race Theory, and Comprehensive Sex Education that is meant to lessen the importance of academics and have the State replace the role of the family.

Linda Goudsmit’s new book The Collapsing American Family does a great job in “pulling back the curtain” on our society’s problems.

It is going to take a great deal of time and effort to reverse the decline in public education. A State voucher system allowing the parents to control where they want their children to be educated would be a step in the right direction. Home schooling, online schools, and Bible based private schools are alternatives that should be seriously considered by parents.

We had the wonderful opportunity to meet Pastor David Kern of Vitality Church in Mentor, Ohio, and hear about his Liberty Learning Center.

Here is a link to the Liberty University Online Academy. It is an accredited K-12 Christian Online Academy.

Pastor David asks that all interested parents complete the following 10 question survey.



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