HB 140 Changing Ballot Language for Property Tax Issues

Posted date: June 7, 2022

LFC Comments by Brian Massie, overburdened taxpayer

Thanks to Lake County Auditor Chris Galloway for the information on HB 140 passed by the legislature and awaiting the Governor’s signature. This legislation deals with the language on the ballot for property tax levies. We have always thought that the current language was deceptive since it made the property tax issues seem like the property tax would cost the taxpayers very little.

Most people think of their home valuation in terms of the appraised value. The taxable value equals 35% of the appraised value. Using the appraised value on the ballot is a better alternative for the taxpayer.

Derek Merrin State Rep District 47

State Rep Derrick Merrin (District 47) was the primary sponsor of the bill.

Requires property tax election notices and ballot language to convey a property tax levy’s rate in dollars for each $100,000 of the county auditor’s appraised value (i.e., true value), instead of in dollars for each $100 of taxable value, in the following manner:

Well done State Representative Merrin. This should make the property tax ballot language a bit easier for the taxpayers to understand.

Thought I would share with you that HB 140, a bill that myself and the CAAO supported has passed and is going to the governor for signature. I’ve attached the LSC summary.

Lake County Auditor Chris Galloway

[CAAO = County Auditors Association of Ohio]

Thanks to Auditor Galloway for supporting this legislation to help the Lake County taxpayers.



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