Defense of Self and STATE

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BY TOMSAPRIME | JUNE 3, 2022 · 11:21 AM

The missing historical fact of the 2nd Amendment argument is that Guns of all formats are sacredly secured for Defense of Self AND State. Ninety -plus percent of those that are Pro – 2nd Amendment argue the point that firearms are necessary for self-defense but do not argue the historical fact of Defending the State.

Jump down to the Sam Adams Wisdom and compare our present with what he wrote in 1769.

No Morality Expected or Taught

When we understand that there is no morality taught in schools or even from the pulpits how do we expect the citizens to understand that the Defense of Self and State are not only rights but moral obligations.

With the lack of morality in mind, consider that Van Jones praised the Biden rant, I mean speech about gun control. Remember tho that Van Jones is a radical communist as noted here (KeyWikie: Van Jones) and here (‘Racist, Communist’ Green Jobs Czar Van Jones Resigns, OP-ED by Hans Bader • 09/08/2009) Why do I mention this, because this Administration is full of communist and radical socialists like Van Jones and the speech given fits like tight spandex on donkey. Always remember to go back into the Samuel Adams Archives and reflect on how often over the years I have asked you to read ‘Not A Shot Fired.’

Keeping It Short

I’m keeping the newsletter short because the content is in the audio/video. As I noted in the Facebook post the other day, the original intent of the 2nd Amendment is first, Defense of the State and the Republic from tyranny. Oh but the trembling lipped pundits, conservatives, republicans argue self-defense. Ha! That is a God given (period).

I have to say that one person that I highly respect gets it totally spot on. Mollie Hemingway nails it on “Jesse Watters Primetime” that President Joe Biden‘s speech on gun reform legislation was “an impeachable offense.” She understands and is willing to make it very clear that the 2nd Amendment is for the Defense of Self and State.

To preserve Liberty, One must have all means to do so (period). That means the full capacity that our Founders had not only as Sam Adams writes in 1769 regarding having arms, being rifles, pistols and swords, all military equipment, but also cannons.

As a reminder,

“We must realize that the Reformation world view leads in the direction of government freedom. But the humanist world view with inevitable certainty leads in the direction of statism. This is so because humanists, having no god, must put something at the center, and it is inevitably society, government, or the state.”

― Francis A. Schaeffer




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