Enlightenment Toward the National Religion

There is much written on the Enlightenment and some of you are a greater polymath than I. Yet, for others, I intend to offer some basic insights to the Enlightenment toward the National Religion here in these United States. The freedom of conscience did originate at the Edict of Milan in 313, where Constantine made all religions legal in the Roman Empire. I will discuss that this gift, Freedom of Conscience, is the bane of this nation since the majority of pulpits have been offered over to the National Religion.

In the first segment I am reviewing last week on ancient world with the comparison to our present pagan government. Through this week I came across a video where Doug Wilson was asked, ‘Were the Greek Gods Real?’ I like the way he gets one thinking about the powers shadowing nations. The bottom line that hits home is that we in reality battle in the spirit realm but one has to be properly equipped. Hoot man…. The majority of Christians do not consider the extensibility of this battle and the ‘why don’t they question’ is for another program.

Considering Melancton Smith

In the second segment of the program I initiate the thought for consideration that the Enlightenment toward the National Religion is argued at the New York ratifying convention by clearly establishing that the Constitution of 1787 would initiate a ‘consolidated government’. (See my other programs that discuss the predictions and wisdom of Melancton Smith)

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