Bad Minds in High Place

By Brian Massie
I had the opportunity to read and excellent book by Mr. Robert Grundstein called “The FBI Raids on Cleveland”.

Mr. Grundstein writes a personal account of how he, as a pro se litigant in Ohio, was abused by a corrupt legal system in Cuyahoga County. As a former pro se litigant, I was truly disappointed to see how our courts and prosecutors can “stack the deck” against an average citizen. If you intrude into their legal domain, they can claim you to be a “vexatious litigant”, which prohibits you from even participating in Ohio’s legal system All someone has to do is to claim you filed legal proceeding with malice and without good cause, and they can destroy you.

It is also very clear that Ohio’s judicial system has utter disdain for pro se litigants. The prosecutors, judges and lawyers that conduct business in the County and State of Ohio are all in one big club, that permit them to ‘feather their own nest” and protect each other. The average citizen has no chance in defeating them!


Review written on Amazon:

“Bad Minds, High Places” is the story of America’s failed legal culture and the FBI raids on Cleveland from 2008 to the present. It portrays the foibles of American public life from Ohio to Washington State and the ethos under which its legal system operates. The book is an absorbing, non-fiction account of an attorney subjected to fraudulent charges, arrest, extradition, jail and coordinated aggression on a national basis after he published an editorial critical of a Cleveland, Ohio judge. The author forces the reader to see a new model for state judiciaries as self-serving interest groups with the most gruesome failures in jurisdictions where judges are elected and heavily politicized. “Bad MInds”, is not only about individual failure on the part of one judge. It tells how politicized judges, prosecutors, attorneys and police cooperated at the state and federal level to commit serial offenses and obstruct accountability for their failures. The originality of the book is in the magnitude and irony of the failures it exposes and the uncomprehending persona of the author as a character distinct from the consensus which created the failures besetting him.





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