First Step in Initiation of the Great Reset

When I listen to Dr. Reiner Fuelmich I hear my own voice. I have been writing and warning about the globalist war on America and humanity for four years. Hearing Fuelmich speak about political medicine is simultaneously validating and chilling. 

Linda Goudsmit 

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Below is Attorney Reiner Fuelmich’s opening remarks at one of the most important trials in history for crimes against humanity.

In the coming weeks, Fuelmich’s team of experts will explain the various rehearsals for the plandemic, the “creation” of cases through faulty PCR tests – with MANY false positives – and the disinformation promulgated about “asymptomatic spread.”  They will trace the administration and fallout from the dangerous, untested EUA vaccines responsible for high levels of morbidity and mortality.

Fuelmich’s team will explain how the plandemic was the first step in the initiation of the Great Reset that will wrest control of the economy and the global population by creating a one world bank, digital currency and digital passports.  They will reveal the plans to use eugenics, transhumanism and depopulation to bring about the New World Order.


From The Hague. International Trials Day One-Crimes Against Humanity (18 min.)

Janet Levy,
Los Angeles




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