Don’t Have to Tell the Parents About Name Change in Mentor Schools

LFC Comments by Brian Massie
The following information was forward to us by a concerned parent. The lies, deceptions and betrayals coming out of public schools are mind-boggling!


“Have you seen the email the Assistant Superintendent of Mentor sent out to his staff about pronouns and calling kids by their preferred names? The official Mentor stance is to NOT tell parents. It is an interesting read for sure…..”

“Also, tried to get my friend to contact you, but she is too afraid. Her son goes to Geneva HS. He has a teacher for Mythology who has LGBTQ flags hanging up in the classroom and proceeds to teach that the [Book] of Genesis is a myth. This really upset her son and the teacher could sense he was upset and she wanted a confrontation with him. He ended up staying quiet, but says all his friends agreed with the teacher because they are all indoctrinated already.

Here are the emails sent out by the Assistant Superintendent of Mentor public schools:

This is our district stance at this time.

Thank you,

Tim Hamman
Asst. Supr./Director K-8
Mentor Public Schools
6451 Center Street
Mentor, Ohio 44060
440-974-5208 (Office)
550-255-4622 (fax)


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