Tip of the Iceberg on Ohio Higher Ed Funding

The challenge in Citizens comprehending the funding of Ohio Higher Ed is a deep space galactic journey. Ohio Higher Ed and a number of other States Higher Education are Constitutionally protected. This is the power of the college/university lobby.

I started an investigation on the funding of Ohio State University back in November of last year. I can only say that in general, the information is overwhelming when it comes to the complexity of funding Higher Education. I suggest you go back to these two programs to get more of where I was beginning: Episode 325: Corporatocracy: Universities Making Vassals and Universities are Body Politic and Corporations.

Tip of the Iceberg on Ohio Higher Ed Funding

I am only touching the tip of the iceberg as I delve into the way the Ohio Constitution was amended so that Ohio Higher Ed could be funded. I also take you on the journey of how other states have been enslaved by the Corporatocracy of Higher Ed. The references for this program are primarily from Ballotpedia.com as well as from the National Center for Education Statistics and a number of articles that give the data which shows that the taxpayer has been enslaved to Higher Ed even before the O’Biden Student Loan enslavement.

Melting the Iceberg

Melting the iceberg of Ohio Higher Ed Funding or that Funding is other states is a Titanic collision. The lobbyists for Higher Ed use taxpayer money against the taxpayer. Much like the teachers unions do.

So on this program, I take you into the mysteries of State Constitutions regarding Higher Ed Funding.

LFC Comments: We suggest that you follow this link to read the details as Tom Niewulis pulls back the curtain on Higher Ed Funding.





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