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BREAKING: FBI takes another phone, this time from Ohio man close to Mike Lindell and who believes the ’20 election fraught with fraud

Jack Windsor / September 15, 2022

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell and Douglas Frank
Facebook/Douglas G Frank

An Ohio man who gained acclaim creating statistical models during the pandemic and later claimed he found irregularities in election data that prove the 2020 elections were fraught with errors had his phone seized Wednesday by the FBI according to a social media post.

Douglas Frank, widely known as “Dr. Frank,” has toured the country delivering testimony on alleged election anomalies and fraud. He’s also often been alongside MyPillow founder Mike Lindell at events and at least one Save America rally in Delaware, Ohio earlier this year.

“Two FBI agents met me as I got off the plane today.  They were polite and professional, and we smiled at each other knowingly as they approached me,” Frank posted to Facebook after midnight, into Thursday morning.

“Of course…they knew that I knew that they knew that I would be expecting them there. We shook hands, and I cooperated fully with them.” Frank concluded in that post “After the fabulously successful and productive meetings and events in Colorado and California this week it would be hard to dampen my spirits.

Facebook post hereThe FBI Confiscated my Phone Today

Lindell, after returning from a hunting trip in Iowa, was descended upon at a Hardee’s restaurant by FBI agents who took his phone, the pro-Trump CEO said in his podcast The Lindell Report. Lindell said he was questioned about Dominion Voting Systems in connection with a Colorado clerk who is under indictment for allegations of tampering with election voting equipment and quizzed on Douglas Frank.

LinkLindell announces on Rumble the FBI took his phone, from which he does his work since he doesn’t have a computer.

In a later Facebook update very early Thursday morning, Frank seemed to hint that media outlets were tipped off and aware that the FBI would be seizing his property. “Irony,” the post was titled.  It goes on, “CNN, Washington Post, and the New York Times are all trying to get in contact with me today. They obviously knew what was going down.  Ironic… they’ve been leaving messages on my wife’s and son’s phones because they can’t reach mine!”

This is a developing story.


LFC’s add…

When I read stories about the FBI, Dr. Doug Frank, and Conan Hayes my antenna goes up.

Allow me to share my story by first showing you the articles that I wrote in the Fall of 2021, and backfill the story with some details originally omitted because of space constraints and timing of the events.

Brian Massie

When I met Dr. Doug Frank at the Parma restaurant and asked him for proof regarding the alleged 10,983 votes flipped from Trump to Biden, he immediately got on his cellphone and contacted his computer expert by the name of Conan.

I was told Conan was autistic and had trouble communicating with people, but his stated computer “expertise” left me thinking that he was a “cyber-ninja” that could get in and out of a computer network without being detected. A modern day Sherlock Holmes, I thought.

When absolutely no proof was given to me after waiting a couple of months, I started to question if I had been duped by a very affable charlatan. Then I received a call from the Washington Post asking for a statement on Dr. Frank, which I declined to give. However, I read with great interest their article that outed Conan Hayes.

When I read that Conan was a pro surfer from Hawaii and owned a company that sold T-shirts I knew that I had to get off the bandwagon. To my surprise my patriotic friends still defended Conan, who they had never met, as still being a computer expert. My response was: “How many conservatives do you know from Hawaii?”

To this day, my sanity is questioned by patriots for writing the article defending the Lake County Election Board. I have come to the conclusion that even good-hearted people want to believe the comforting lies, rather than the unpleasant truths.

How does this relate to the F.B.I.?

I previously published the following two articles about the F.B.I.

After refusing to speak to the F.B.I, I was served a subpoena to appear before a grand jury. The loud and clear message from the F.B.I. was that you will talk to us.

After advice from legal counsel, I hired an attorney, paid a $1,500 retainer, and he set up a meeting at his office.

[Side bar: my wife asked if we will get any of the $1,500 back if the legal services are not needed. I had to inform her that why it is called a “retainer” – it is “retained 100%”.]

The four F.B.I. agents interrogated me for one and one-half hours. Four agents for little old average citizen. My opening comment to the agents was that this was never on my “bucket list”.

During all of my interactions with the F.B.I. they were kind and courteous. I can tell you that in the first five minutes of the interview, they told me at least three times, “Do not lie to the F.B.I.”!



My only other interaction with the F.B.I. was when someone, posing as LFC, sent a public records request to the Prosecutor. When I learned of this chicanery, I contacted the F.B.I. and their comment was: “If you feel threatened in anyway, call 911, and then call the F.B.I.!

We will update this post if we hear from our friends at the F.B.I.


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