Concord Township Officials Leading the Way for Improved Law Enforcement

LFC Comments by Brian Massie, Concord Township resident

We publicly thank the Concord Township Trustees and Administrator for taking the initiative to raise the awareness for the need for additional police patrols in Concord Township. The Concord Trustees and Administrator play a significant part in the Lake County Township Association (LCTA), an amalgamation of Lake County Townships.

Morgan McIntosh / Carl Dondorfer / Amy Lucci / Andy Rose, Administrator

Mr. Carl Dondorfer and Mr. Morgan McIntosh spoke at the Lake County Commissioners’ meeting on September 23, 2022 and presented the following report providing pertinent details about Lake County Township’s law enforcement.

[If needed, use the “arrow icon” to rotate the pages of the report.]

The following is a video of the presentation made to the Lake County Commissioners. We thank Mr. Dondorfer and Mr. McIntosh for a job well done. All County officials know that they will need to address the issue of Lake County Townships’ law enforcement: from increased police patrols, crime lab investigations, prosecution, judiciary, and incarceration.

We will continue to monitor LCTA’s progress on this important issue, and will report on the financial impact on the Lake County taxpayers for the improved law enforcement.





Lake County Liberty Coalition


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