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Please listen carefully to Mayor Pakau’s one-minute speech. He is mayor of Orla(nd Park, Illinois, and states clearly what the deceitfully named SAFE-T Act legislation is designed to do. The globalist megalomaniacs driving the radical leftist Democrats (and RINOs) are sociopaths, but they are not stupid. They are strategists who understand the dynamics of fear and social chaos. 

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by Hailey Sanibel
September 9, 2022

It’s no secret that deep-blue states are some of the most frightening places on the planet. That’s not even hyperbole. Democrat-controlled cities in Democrat-controlled states are more dangerous than most third-world countries. Violent crime and murder are not only tolerated, they are practically encouraged with the insane criminal justice reform measures always cropping up.

The latest disaster waiting to unfold will now take place in Illinois. Chiraq, helmed by the horribly inept and clueless Lori Lightfoot, has long dominated the list of deadliest cities in America. Still, this wasn’t enough for state legislators and bat-s*** crazy governor J.B. Pritzker. Back in 2021, they signed the inane SAFE-T Act to enshrine and codify leniency for the most vile thugs living amongst us – and threatening everyone else with mayhem and murder.

Capitol News Illinois sounded off the alarm with its admittedly banal description of this far-reaching, dangerous legislation, poised to become law of Lincoln’s Land come 2023: 

The Safety, Accountability, Fairness and Equity-Today Act, known as the SAFE-T Act, passed with the backing of the Illinois Legislative Black Caucus in the early hours of Jan. 13, 2021.

The broad-ranging measure abolishes cash bail beginning in January 2023, reforms police training, certification and use-of-force standards, expands detainee rights, and requires body cameras at all departments by 2025.

Since its passage, the measure has been amended twice to accommodate concerns of law enforcement groups, pushing back certain effective dates and changing some of the initial use-of-force language.

Reading that doesn’t do the SAFE-T act justice, pun not intended. For a real glimpse into the terrifying realities being wrought by lunatic leftists, it is worth listening to every second of Illinois’s Orland Park Mayor Keith Pakau. 

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There is so much packed into this one-minute snippet that it’s hard to assimilate all of the terrible things happening the first time listening. Below is a transcript of what Mayor Pakau said:


As of January 1st, 2023, the following things will go into effect. And people need to be aware of this.

It abolishes cash bail for almost every offense. This includes, but isn’t limited to, kidnapping, armed robbery, second degree murder, drug-induce homicide, aggarvated DUI, threatening a public official, and aggraveted fleeing and looting.

Offenders released on electronic monitoring have to be in violation for 48 hours before law enforcement can act. They could almost drive to Alaska before we can even look for them.

It denies victims their constitutional rights. And keep this in mind, businesses and homeowners. Officers will no longer be able to remove trespassers from your residence or your businesses. Someone could decide to live in your shed and all we can do is give them a ticket.

You have to decide what level of force is required to remove them, and whether or not it’s legal.

This is a massive threat to the residents of Orland Park, Cook County, and Illinois.

“Yikes’ hardly begins to capture the truly awful components of this legislation. It is not hard – indeed, it is quite simple – to envision how this will play out. As with everything offered by leftism, this is a reminder that leftism hates humanity and it doesn’t hold precious the sanctity of life, liberty, and property. It is an evil ideology that produces nothing but carnage.

You voted for this, Illinois. Now live with the consequences.

Featured image: Raymond Cunningham from Homer Illinois, USA, CC BY-SA 2.0 <https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0>, via Wikimedia Commons




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