Ohio School Board Association…oh, what a tangled web they weave

By Brian Massie, truth seeker

I had my first encounter with the Ohio School Boards Association when I attended the Mentor School Board “Retreat” last week. Ms. Cheryl Ryan, Director of Board and Management Services of OSBA, was conducting the meeting for the Mentor School Board.

Since I was clueless about this organization, I decided that I need to become more familiar and better educated about them. Who they are, what is their role in Ohio’s education process, and how financially strong are they?

Here is what I have learned.

Website: https://www.ohioschoolboards.org/code-ethics

Mission Statement:

OSBA leads the way to educational excellence by serving Ohio’s public school board members and the diverse districts they represent through superior service, unwavering advocacy and creative solutions. [Emphasis by LFC]


Ohio School Boards Association
8050 N. High St., Suite 100
Columbus, OH 43235
(614) 540-4000 | (800) 589-OSBA
Fax: (614) 540-4100 | Send us feedback

Form 990 for 2019:

Let’s breakdown their annual revenue for 2019:

Membership dues $3,708,890 (from the public schools)
(paid by the taxpayers)

Training / Conferences $2,103,634
Consulting Services $1,520,382
Publications $ 230,284
Member Services $ 49,493
Investment Income $ 225,774
Royalties $ 534,294
Rental Income $ 184,776
Gain From Sale of Assets $ 192,230
Sale of Inventory $ 30,956
Miscellaneous Revenue $ 248,518
Total Revenue $9,029,231

Expenses $8,260,621

Profit $ 768,621 [Non-profits do not call it
profit, but we do]

Their balance sheet shows that they are VERY financial sound.
Temporary Cash Investments $ 3,913,417
Investments $ 7,219,226
Total Net Assets or fund balances $14,525,940

Here is the list of the most highly compensated employees. Look at column (E) for total compensation.

Ms. Cheryl Ryan made $150,942 for 2019. She heard the Mentor School Board Superintendent, Craig Heath, say that I could not take a video recording of their public meeting because it violated Mentor’s policy, but she said nothing even though that policy is a violation listed on OSBA’s fact sheet dealing with public participation at school board meetings. [See top of page 3]

The average taxpayer does not realize it but they are fighting a very formidable foe in the public education system. It has morphed into a gigantic monster hydra with many tentacles of power. The Department of Education, the State Board of Education, Teachers’ Unions, Ohio School Board of Education, the local school administration and the local school board.

OSBA leads the way to educational excellence is in their mission statement. What are the overall proficiency scores for Ohio public schools for 2021 – 2022?

3rd Grade Reading 59.8%
3rd Grade Math 58.7%
4th Grade Reading 62.5%
4th Grade Math 63.6%
5th Grade Reading 54.4%
5th Grade Math 53.5%
5th Grade Science 62.9%
Middle School Reading 56.9%
Middle School Math 49.6%
7th Grade Reading 60.3%
7th Grade Math 45.6%
8th Grade Reading 52.7%
8th Grade Math 43.0%
8th Grade Science 63.0%
High School English ll 61.3%
High School Algebra l 49.1%
High School Geometry 41.6%
High School Biology 64.7%
High School Government 73.9%
High School History 68.2%

Overall Average 57.3%

The Ohio State Board of Education and the Ohio School Board Association should be ashamed of themselves for such abysmal results. You have failed the students of the State of Ohio.

Why is this happening? Here is why…It is all a coordinated effort to fundamentally transform the United States of America.




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