Potty Training…don’t use the urinals

This is the natural and logical consequence of accepting subjective reality (feelings) as objective reality (facts). The woke movement is pressuring sane society to join them and accept their world of insanity where facts do not exist – only feelings. It is absolute madness. But never forget there is method in woke madness. The purpose is totalitarian social control, because without an accurate reference for reality testing, sanity ceases to exist. 

It used to be that the measure of an individual’s mental health, was that person’s ability to reality test. Not anymore. The mental health community has abandoned reality testing as the metric for mental health, and been totally coopted by radical left, politically correct, wokeism, where mental health is now a matter of how you FEEL about yourself. The new Orwellian reality is the foundation for totalitarian social control – insanity is the new normal. 

Linda Goudsmit September 22, 2022

 goudsmit.pundicity.com  and website: lindagoudsmit.com 


(Link to the American Thinker article on potty training)

Potty training: The transgender movement wants to change your bathroom habits
By Andrea Widburg September 18, 2022

I was confused when I saw that male attendees at the American Political Science Association’s conference were asked to refrain from using urinals out of respect for others. Huh? It wasn’t until I saw an article explaining that this is all about deference to so-called “transgender men,” that I realized that transgenderism is dragging America deeper and deeper into the pit of insanity.


LFC Comments by T. Paine:

There no longer is any intelligent life on this planet!

Next they will have “litter boxes” for people that identify as cats…What do you mean they already have that in some schools???




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