Why does Planned Parenthood fight so hard?

By CitizensGo

Have you ever wondered why it is that planned parenthood and the left have fought for abortion so hard? 

They are benefiting financially from abortion. For each baby they kill, they know that they can sell them and make money off of them. 

This is a buisness. A buisness whose export is death, and suffering. 

The mothers who have these abortions have no say, and end up regretting it, but they will never be able to see or bury their child, because he or she was taken and used for experiments. 

Often times, babies are born alive and then killed after they are born outside of the womb. 

This is done because the sick and evil doctors performing these procedures know that the buyers of these body parts want them as fresh as possible. 

This is a nightmare. 


Disturbing. That is the word that describes Planned Parenthood and their culture of death. 

Planned Parenthood has been exposed for selling the body parts of the children they kill on the abortion table. 

These body parts include the brain, and limbs, and organs. They have placed price tags on them, and currently sell them for thousands of dollars. 

They claim that these parts are used for research and science, but these sales violate several U.S. laws on fetal tissue use, including 42 U.S. Code § 289g–2. This is why it has been kept a secret. 

Since they are violating these codes, the sale of these body parts have been excluded from their official expense reports, and covered up. They have lied in court, and have written the sales off as buisness expenses. 

They don’t want people to see what they have been doing, and what the body parts from these children are actually used for. God only knows what is happening in the darkness. 

This is the most important petition that we have run in the States. This story has the potential to nationally expose planned parenthood for what they are, and stop the sale of these body parts. But we need your help. We need you to pressure the DOJ to prosecute and investigate Planned Parenthood.

Sign this petition to stop Planned Parenthood from selling murdered children, and hold them accountable.

Have you ever wondered why it is that Planned Parenthood and the left have fought for abortion so hard? 

They are benefiting financially from abortion. For each baby they kill, they know that they can sell them and make thousands. Recently, they have sold body parts to a research company known as ABR (Advanced Bioscience Resources). This company was exposed for this sale, and the details are appalling. 

ABR reportedly bought body parts from Planned Parenthood, most likely from those innocent babies that they killed on the abortion table that same week. 

“ABR charged as much as $6,000 for tissue samples that cost only about $60 per baby, a few hours of work at $15 an hour, and the cost of a FedEx shipment.” (WNG.org)

ADF legal has evidence that prove that the Abortion is a big buisness, capable of big profits. 

“What’s interesting is that abortion clinics are being paid to allow procurement companies to take the babies’ remains and re-sell them. This saves the abortion clinics additional costs of having to dispose of the remains themselves, a point raised by ADF Allied Attorney Catherine Glenn Foster. If that’s not win-win for the abortion clinic, I don’t know what is.” (ADFLegal). 

This is a growing industry based on profit that is not slowing down. 

“Sadly, there is an extensive market for baby body parts. At the time of the release of the undercover videos, StemExpress had partnered with nearly 100 abortion clinics to meet the crazy demand for the body parts of dead babies. And they were expecting to continue this extensive growth up until the undercover videos were released.

The record also shows that as a result of their growing number of partnerships with abortion clinics, their revenue also increased exponentially.

Based on payments from researchers to procurement companies like StemExpress, and payements from StemExpress to abortion clinics, registering in the thousands of dollars per payment, we know there is a lot of money changing hands during these transactions. The profitability of this horrific industry is undenieable.” 

Watch THIS video that exposes their agenda. 

This is a buisness. A buisness whose export is death, and suffering. But they dont care. They are making their money. 

Whats worse is that the DOJ cares more about stopping the sale of bald eagle parts, rather than babies. 

We need the DOJ to prosecute these people and hold them accountable. Planned Parenthood, and these research companies must answer to the American people for these crimes. 

Sign here to demand that the DOJ do its job to enforce these laws, and protect these babies from trafficking.

There are those who will be too uncomfortable to acknowledge what is going on right in front of them, and those who will call this just a conspiracy. 

The facts, and evidence are right before us. There is even a lawsuit right now against planned parenthood, as well as several indictments against them, all because of the sale of body parts. 

The university of Pittspurgh has just spent millions of dollars to become a “tissue hub” for the sale and distribution and research of these parts. This industry is not slowing down. 

If we let this go unchecked then it will become harder and harder to stop in the future. 

We cannot allow this to become normalized.

Sign this petition to say NO to the sale of babies body parts, and demand the DOJ prosecute those responsible.

Thanks for all you do,

Owen Stevens and the entire CitizenGO Team


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