Mentor Schools Leading in “Wokeness”

By Brian Massie, citizen journalist

We received the following from very irate Mentor parents and taxpayers. It is obvious that the public schools seek to expand their influence in the community and to ultimately replace the roles of the parents in our society.

Do the children belong to the parents or to the State?

Taxpayers must push back on Mentor’s “Don’t tell Mom, it will be our little secret” pronoun policy.


The only way that the socialists / progressives running our schools will get the message is to stop voting for ALL school property tax levies.


Mentor High School’s counselor, Cindy Gomori sent this email out to all MHS teachers today. Perhaps if the school counselors actually spent more time “counseling” and less time pushing their own political ideologies, Mentor Schools wouldn’t have to pay Crossroads $700,000 of your taxpayers’ dollars for extra help.

Mentor Schools has a $700,000 contract with Crossroads Health:

Here is the 2018 Form 990 filed by Crossroads Health. They reported that they had $9,547,407 in investments as of 2018.




Lake County Liberty Coalition


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