Open Letter to ORP Chairman Bob Paduchik

Open letter to ORP Chairman Bob Paduchik from state party members

Dear Chairman Paduchik, 

As members of the Board of Directors of the State Central Committee, we are entrusted with the responsibility of communicating to the full Committee the shared concerns that our constituents bring to our attention. Currently, our constituents are asking why Governor DeWine has remained silent regarding the State Board of Education’s Resolution to Reject Harmful, Coercive, and Burdensome Gender Identity Policies. 

Bold action must be taken to stop the implementation of proposed gender-affirming rules issued by the U.S. Departments of Education and Agriculture and associated guidance. Otherwise, all taxpayer-supported schools (including chartered Christian schools) and daycare programs will be required to accept the gender identity (thoughts and feelings) of students rather than their M/F biological determinates. 

In addition, access to restrooms, locker rooms, and sports teams will be based on sexual identity. Also, students and staff members will be at high risk of being charged with “sex-based harassment” if they do not use the preferred names and pronouns of other students and staff. Also, K-12 schools will be required to socially transition (using child-selected names and pronouns in school) minor children with no obligation to notify parents. Social transitioning is typically followed by aggressive medical transitioning (puberty blockers, hormones, and surgeries). Non-compliance will result in forfeiture of federal funding for school food programs. 

The adoption of the much-needed Resolution by the State Board of Education is not assured; Ten members are elected and serve those who elected them. Currently, nine members serve at the bidding and pleasure of Gov. DeWine. Accordingly, clear and expressed guidance is needed. 

Republicans were proud of our Governor when, in 2016, as Ohio’s Attorney General, he issued a letter to U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch and Secretary of Education John King. In it, his remarks were unequivocal: “If your departments act against our state contrary to law, I will defend the interests of the State of Ohio vigorously.”   

As you know, the Republican National Committee has issued the followingresponse to the proposed changes to Title IX:

“We emphatically support the originalauthentic meaning of Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972. It affirmed that ‘no person in the United States shall, based on sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance.’ That language opened up, for girls and women, a world of opportunities that had too often been denied to them. That same provision of law is now being denied to them. Bureaucrats are now using that same provision of law- and by the current President of the United States- to impose a social and cultural revolution upon the American people by wrongly redefining sex discrimination to include sexual orientation or other categories. Their agenda has nothing to do with individual rights; it has everything to do with power. They are determined to reshape our schools -and our entire society-to fit the mold of an ideology alien to America’s history and traditions. Their edict to the states concerning restrooms, locker rooms, and other facilities is illegal, dangerous, and ignores privacy issues.”

In keeping with his record of protecting Ohioans from federal overreach, we, the undersigned, urge Gov. DeWine to reaffirm his commitment to reject attempts by the U.S. Departments of Education and Agriculture to gut Title IX by issuing rules inconsistent with the law. 

To remain silent at this time is to acquiesce to the implementation of rules designed to subvert the power of the State, to the trampling of parental rights, and remove the safety and privacy rights of school children. Accordingly, the undersigned bid fellow members to join in encouraging Governor DeWine to encourage appointees to vote for State Board member Shea’s original Resolution or any amended version approved by him. The vote is scheduled for Wed., October 12th

With all due respect and expectation, 


Jessica Franz

Steve Burns

Christine Maurer

Stephanie Kremer

Keith Cheney

Greg Simpson

Gloria Martin

Mike Witte

Laura Rosenberger

Steve Austria

Gary James

Melanie Leneghan

Jake Warner

Sabrina Warner

Joe Miller

Lucy Stickan

Brian Andrews

Doris Peters

Shannon Burns

Melanie Mason

Lisa cooper

Jonathan Zucker

Antonia Blake

Doug Willis

Dave Johnson

Monica Robb-Blasdel

Randy Law

Melissa Pope

Zoi Romanchuk

Bill Heck

Josh Brown

Michelle Anderson

Arthur McGuire

Judy Westbrook

Ron Maag

Barbara Holwadel

Dan Carter

Denise Verdi

Jim Burgess Sr.

Tony Schroeder

Debbie Carr

Bryan Williams

Mark Wagoner

LeeAnn Johnson

Josh Culling


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