PayPal crossing the line with trial balloon

I personally do not use paypal and therefore do not need to replace paypal. However, I would certainly use GabPay if I wanted to use this type of service.

It is of my opinion that “we the people” need to put our money where our values are. If we value freedom, it is imperative we use and support the businesses that promote and support our beloved freedom. Gabpay is one of those products.

In truth.

Mary Pruitt


PayPal’s plan to fine users for ‘misinformation’ was a totalitarian trial balloon

Tue Oct 11, 2022 – 10:08 am EDT

The goal of woke North American banking institutions is this: Crush truth-tellers while perpetuating an illusion of normalcy for those who mindlessly repeat the woke party line, no matter how egregious the affront to reality and morality.     

North American banking institutions continue to degrade themselves, spiraling downward from at first creating policies to shut down accounts of individuals and organizations deemed to be politically incorrect to now acting as major totalitarian state players: they are outright confiscating money from clients with whom they have political and moral differences.  

Remember back in 2014 when SunTrust Bank canceled the Benham Brothers’ accounts because of their pro-life and pro-conjugal marriage public support?   

Or in 2017 when VANCO, an online donation processor, at the behest of banking giant Wells Fargo, cut off services to the Ruth Institute, a global non-profit organization that seeks to create “a mass social movement to end family breakdown”? 

Or in 2018, when Visa and Mastercard cut off the donation processing services to the David Horowitz Freedom Center? 

The banking industry has now gone from “We refuse to do business with those whose pro-life, pro-family, pro-religious freedom, and pro-election integrity views we find abhorrent” to “We’ll steal your money” and “You don’t have the right to keep private property.” 

Their goal is this: Crush truth-tellers while perpetuating an illusion of normalcy for those who mindlessly repeat the woke party line, no matter how egregious the affront to reality and morality.    

PayPal’s trial balloon 

After experiencing an enormous backlash on social media a couple of days ago, PayPal quickly walked back its outrageous plan to fine users up to $2,500 –– debited directly from their accounts –– for “misinformation.” The tech titan remained opaque on whether it will implement sanctions for what it perceives to be “intolerance” against homosexuals and gender-confused people.   

PayPal’s move went one step beyond GoFundMe’s canceling of donations to the Canadian Truckers who stood against the onerous vaccine mandates of the Trudeau Administration earlier this year. PayPal said it would actually raid its clients’ private accounts to punish their opinions. 

LifeSiteNews’ Raymond Wolfe explained that the new user agreement from PayPal would have updated the left-wing payment giant’s “list of prohibited activities” to include “sending, posting, or publication of any messages, content, or materials” that “promote misinformation,” determined at PayPal’s “sole discretion.” 

The policy change would also have prohibited posting content that PayPal considers to “present a risk to user safety or wellbeing” and would have expanded the company’s ban on “discriminatory” content to cover specific “protected groups” and characteristics, including sexual orientation and “gender identity.” 

The policy, slated to take effect on November 3, five days before the U.S. midterm elections, would’ve had a chilling effect on forthright public discourse. But that was the goal.  



Lake County Liberty Coalition


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