Deepwood Industries…your dog treat headquarters

By Brian Massie, citizen journalist

I had the opportunity to attend an open house of Deepwood Industries’ new “Imagine Program” this past weekend. Their new building is at 8850 Tyler Boulevard in Mentor, Ohio.

What is the “Imagine Program”?

The program was created to support individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder in building meaningful lives. All skills that are taught are focused on preparing these
individuals for meaningful community engagement and employment. There are currently 10 individuals participating in the program with plans to add 1 – 2 individuals per year.

The Imagine Program was created by LCBDD/Deepwood. It is a joint operation between LCBDD/Deepwood and Deepwood Industries.

Here are some pictures of the inside of the building: [Use the “<” “>” icons to advance the slideshow)

I was very curious about their “Dog Treat” business, and thought I would provide a “testimonial” from our relative’s dog named Ollie. He loved them!!!

Ollie seems to be saying: “What do you mean I can only have one?”

If you are interested in buying some great treats for your favorite pet, here is an order form that you can use. Deepwood Industries would sincerely appreciate your support.





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