The Devil is in the Details…Verify, then Trust

Brian Massie, citizen journalist

Our “education” into public education just took another unforeseen turn of events. Politicians believe that most Americans would give up their freedom and liberty for a few bucks. Unfortunately, they may be right because the average citizen is far too trusting.

Forget Ronald Reagan’s quote: “Trust, but verify”. It must be “Verify, then trust”, because there a “snake-oil salesmen” (and saleswomen, I should add) around every corner.

A big thank you to Kirsten Hill and Diana Fessler, members of the Ohio State Board of Education, for “pulling back the curtain” on the Afterschool Child Enrichment (ACE) program and Ohio’s Backpack bill. Here is Diana’s letter to home educators and homeschoolers.

For a measly $500, parents can enroll their children into the ACE program, which is nothing more than an international digital identity credentialing system. A growing database of information on the children and the family.

Based on Diana’s statement on the Backpack Bill, we are going to have to do more homework on the details of the bill before we go headlong into supporting it.

“The original 15-line Backpack Bill, the version that people were so excited about, is now a complex 185-page bill that few people have delved into; people love the idea, not the facts.”


So what is home schooling like in Germany?

Excerpt from the article: “But parents who have tried to home-school their children have been blocked from doing so by the “school obligation” law, which requires all children to physically attend an institution.”

We have always said that Europe is foreshadowing what will happen in the United States. Do not be surprised if home schooling is eventually outlawed in the United States as we dive headlong into the dark abyss of socialism and State mandated education.




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