The Amoral State of Ohio Board of Education Fails Children Again

LFC Comments by Brian Massie, Citizen Journalist

We are going to have to come to the realization that in order to control our local public schools from the amoral “woke agenda” we are going to have to stop accepting federal funds that invariably come with “strings attached”.

We have been following the resolution by State School Board Member Brendan Shea. It addresses the transgender issue running rampant in our public schools. Thanks to the patriots at Ohio Value Voters for this update.

This is Charlotte McGuire, District 3 representative (Dayton) and President of the State of Ohio Board of Education. Governor John Kasich appointed her to the State Board in 2016.

Her contact information:
Charlotte McGuire, President, District 3
2451 Quorn Ct.
Centerville, OH 45458
Phone: (937) 287 3603

This is Tim Miller, District 10 representative (Akron). He was appointed to the State Board of Education by Governor Mike DeWine on January 8, 2021, to complete the last two years of a four-year term.

Here is his contact information:
Tim Miller, District 10
Phone: (330) 485-6360

Brendan Shea Title IX Resolution 

Tricks and Political Shenanigans (Oct 31)

At yesterday’s State Board of Education meeting, the radical members failed to support board member Brendan Shea’s resolution in opposition to Biden’s federal mandates to Title IX. The mandates will put biological boys in girls’ sports, restrooms, and locker rooms. Instead, Board President Charlotte McGuire submitted a substitute resolution which eliminated most of the provisions of the Shea resolution.  

Ohio Value Voters reported last week that in an extremely well-written letter, State Attorney General Dave Yost wrote to the Biden administration, challenging his radical Title IX mandates link to story

Ohio Value Voters e-mailed this letter and comments of Attorney General Yost to all State Board of Education members. However, the McGuire watered-down substitute resolution ignores the top law enforcement official in the State of Ohio, Dave Yost.

Board Member Tim Miller, who at the previous board meeting made the motion to send the resolution to committee and is running to retain his seat on the state board, stated, “I would scrap this whole (Brendan Shea) resolution 100%… it’s terrible”.

Ohio Value Voters has endorsed and urges voters to elect Cierra Lynch Shehorn on November 8th.   

Tim Miller is a misguided individual that should not serve in this position.

At yesterday’s meeting, Board Member Brendan Shea spoke on behalf of his resolution. 

Ohio Value Voters President, John Stover states, “I urge the State Board to bring out the Shea resolution for a vote. Members should be required to either support or vote against this resolution. Voters in the state have a right to know.  The political maneuvering by some board members to table the Shea resolution is appalling.” 

Brendan Shea at the State Board of Education meeting on his resolution.




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