Teachers’ Unions Lean Far, Far Left

Brian Massie, Citizen Journalist

Thanks to our Painesville lobbyist for sending us this very revealing article about teachers’ unions.

If you have ever wondered why public education has lost its moral compass, this Breitbart article will “pull back the curtain” for you.



Data: Teachers’ Unions Funneled $59 Million to Leftist Causes Despite 57% of Teachers Being Republicans, Independents

by Breccan F. Thies

Excerpts from the articel:

In 2021, the two largest teachers’ unions in the country collected over half a billion dollars from their members, and almost all of their political spending went to leftist causes.

While 57 percent of teachers are either Republican or independent, nearly 100 percent of political spending from the $575 million in dues to the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) and the National Education Association (NEA) was funneled into far-left politics.

A review of Department of Labor documents by the Government Accountability Institute (GAI) revealed a trend over the past two decades, with the majority of union spending switching from standard union spending on representation (e.g. collective bargaining, school funding, and professional development) to political campaigns and lobbying.

GAI’s data shows the spending disparity between “representational activities” and “political activities and lobbying,” saying the amount “was not close.”

In 2021, the NEA spent $66 million on pushing a far-left political agenda, while spending only $32 million on its members.

Further, during the 2020 election, 100 percent of the $59 million sent to outside groups from the NEA and the AFT went to leftist causes. The groups also consistently support some of the furthest-left politicians in the country, such as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), Sens. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), and failed Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.


LFC Comments:

It is quite obvious to us that the the teachers’ unions are part of the multi-headed snake that wants to destroy America, and then “Build Back Better” as a communist utopia where you will own nothing and will be happy.

And the sad part about it is that many Americans agree with them. The 100 year march through our institutions by the communists has been very successful. Many Americans agree with the idea that killing babies is acceptable, and grooming children in schools to keep secrets from their parents is their right.

It is time we send public schools back to the one-room schoolhouse, where their amoral actions will have less of an impact on a free society. However, that is the basic question: “Do Americans value freedom enough to stand up and be counted?”




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